low osmolar contrast agent

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low osmolar contrast agent (LOCA),

nonionic water-soluble radiographic contrast material.

low os·mo·lar con·trast a·gent

(lō oz-mō'lăr kon'trast ā'jĕnt)
Nonionic water-soluble radiographic contrast material.
Synonym(s): low osmolar contrast medium, nonionic contrast agent.
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5 mg/dL underwent several measures to reduce their risk of contrast-induced nephropathy: They were hydrated perioperatively, they received mannitol intraoperatively, and they did not receive any potentially nephrotoxic drugs during their procedure aside from a nonionic contrast agent.
2] For example, 50 mL of iopamidol (Isovue 300), a frequently used nonionic contrast agent, costs approximately $80, compared with $5 for diatrizoate (Renografin 60), an ionic agent.
Dialysis is not indicated immediately after administration of nonionic contrast agents in patients with end-stage renal disease treated by maintenance dialysis.
Universal implementation of lower osmotic, nonionic contrast agents has significantly reduced serious acute systemic side effects [6] making these drugs among the safest in medical use today.
Fewer than 10 years ago, the authors decided which patients should receive ionic versus nonionic contrast agents based on the patient's age, medical histories, known allergies, and the examination being performed.
Pulmonary embolism: Prospective comparison of isoosmolar and low-osmolarity nonionic contrast agents for contrast enhancement at CT angiography.