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A class of radiographic contrast media that do not ionize in solution, thereby decreasing effective osmolarity and toxicity.
See also: low osmolar contrast agent.


pertaining to compounds without a net negative or positive charge.


Radiographic contrast media that do not ionize in solution, decreasing effective osmolarity and toxicity.
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Similar results could be seen with other colorants and binder systems (Figure 6), where the addition of nonionic surfactants could improve the acceptance of different colorants when they were let down into base paints of different chemistries.
Bcl-XI expression was comparably same in the control cells and also the cells exposed to stress in the presence of modulators like surfactant or nonionic polymer.
Iodide mumps after intravascular administration of a nonionic contrast medium: case report and review of the literature.
1] Currently, nonionic contrast costs 10 to 15 times more than ionic contrast.
The introduction of nonionic contrast media about a decade ago caused a furor in the radiology community that continues today.
Nonionic nieskoosmotyczny, iodine contrast agent containing iodine 370mg / ml - 1,320 liters in packs:
The composition consists of water, compressed gas propellant, fragrance, pH adjuster, corrosion inhibitor comprising one or more of a phosphate, nitrite or silicate corrosion inhibiting compound, a surfactant which is either at least one nonionic surfactant or a blend of at least one nonionic surfactant and at least one cationic surfactant, and optionally a solvent selected from a group consisting of alcohols and glycols, a buffer component, and a preservative component.
Attributes/comments: Silsurf B608 is a self-emulsifying nonionic silicone surfactant used to prepare stable 0/W and S/W emulsions and to enhance wetting in various personal care and industrial formulations.
They contain nonionic, anionic or a blend of these type surfactants.
has produced specialty nonionic and anionic surfactants, along with nonionic surfactants products for the paint and coatings industry.