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Not flammable, especially not readily ignited and not rapidly burned.
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Historically, most refrigerants used in HVAC&R products were Class 1, or nonflammable.
New cleaning product Mold and Metal Wipes for mold cleaning and degassing products are nonflammable and fast drying formulations for removing oils, waxes, and greases from a molding or die surface.
The FAA has stated that the task force report will be one of many viewpoints it considers before making a decision about whether to require airlines to pump aircraft fuel tanks with nonflammable gases.
Enclose these features with nonflammable materials and remove any fuels that touch them.
The product emits no odor, is nonflammable, and meets or exceeds all VOC requirements, the company says.
Noncombustible and nonflammable, Aquaset acrylic technology has received a 1-0-0 safety rating from the U.S.
Is biodegradable and nonflammable, and contains no CFCs, chlorinated solvents or acids.
A non-toxic, nonflammable product, it is being positioned as an environmentally friendly replacement for conventional acid-based rust removers.
Cetacaine Hospital Gel, Topical Anesthetic, enjoys a long history of safe use and is nonflammable.
The nonflammable is designed to seal wet or dry moving cracks and stop active leaks in concrete structures.
It is nonflammable (fire-resistance categories MI and BI) and easy to maintain.