1. Not causing estrus in animals.
2. Not having an action similar to that of an estrogen. Compare: nonuterotropic.
Synonym(s): nonoestrogenic
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Neonatal exposure to genistein induces estrogen receptor (ER)[alpha] expression and multioocyte follicles in the maturing mouse ovary: evidence for ER[beta]-mediated and nonestrogenic actions.
Medicarpin inhibits osteoclastogenesis and has nonestrogenic bone conserving effect in ovariectomized mice.
In 2002, armed with a $91,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health, Bittner launched a pair of companies: CertiChem, to test plastics and other products for synthetic estrogens, and PlastiPure, to find or develop nonestrogenic alternatives.
Cleavage of Zearalenone by Trichosporon mycotoxinivorans to a novel nonestrogenic metabolite.
Among the old-school potential alternatives to vaginal estrogens for these patients are nonestrogenic vaginal lubricants such as K-Y Jelly and Replens.
Capsules, tinctures and teas of this herb may tame hot flashes via a nonestrogenic mechanism, though it may take several weeks to notice improvement.
Clinical studies show a benefit of reduced hot flashes for black cohosh that is clearly a nonestrogenic effect," Zreik remarks.
The suggestion by the study's authors that there is a nonestrogenic mechanism in PBB exposure is an interesting one, he told this newspaper.
The group not receiving ERT was further divided into 2 subgroups: 8 women receiving nonestrogenic hormone replacement and 18 not taking hormones.
The antiserum shows relatively low cross-reactivity to the unconjugated estrogens and nonestrogenic steroids.
have now identified a host of pollutants that functionally mimic estrogens in animals yet act through a nonestrogenic pathway: They block the activity of male sex hormones.