nondominant hand

non·dom·i·nant hand

(non-domi-nănt hand)
Hand not used for writing or other activities requiring fine motor skills.
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Then, two hours later, they were subjected to a stress-inducing situation in which they had to submerge their nondominant hand in freezing water for two minutes while they thought they were being filmed (they weren't).
Electrodes were placed on the thenar and hypothenar eminences of the participant's nondominant hand and data was collected with a wireless transmitter using a constant voltage (.
He also varies his style and artistic mediums throughout the book, often drawing with his nondominant hand when recreating Castie's "unschooled" works.
Simple things like brushing your teeth with your nondominant hand, or trying a new activity that makes you think on your feet like a dance class, or simply reading a book on an unfamiliar topic are all great tools for keeping the brain active.
The dominant hand completed 9-HPT faster than the nondominant hand (CMT group: t = −2.
The endoscope is held in the nondominant hand, while the opposite hand undertakes the majority of the surgery.
Then, we examined whether there was any variance in the measurements with the dominant hand, nondominant hand, severity of symptoms, and order of measurement.
Most people can learn to be reasonably dexterous with the nondominant hand, though it may take considerable time and effort.
12 Motor Fingertapping, dominant hand 1 (a) 0 Fingertapping, nondominant hand 0.
If you're not sold yet, consider the study by Indiana University ergonomics experts who found that using the nondominant hand to reach for things like a cup of water while sitting on a stability ball results in different firing patterns in the muscles of the legs to stabilize the body.
The contact angle of the nondominant hand with the pushrim was calculated from the hand's center of mass in relation to the rear-wheel radius, with respect to a vertical axis used as a reference [29].