nondominant hand

non·dom·i·nant hand

(non-domi-nănt hand)
Hand not used for writing or other activities requiring fine motor skills.
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12 Motor Fingertapping, dominant hand 1 (a) 0 Fingertapping, nondominant hand 0.
If you're not sold yet, consider the study by Indiana University ergonomics experts who found that using the nondominant hand to reach for things like a cup of water while sitting on a stability ball results in different firing patterns in the muscles of the legs to stabilize the body.
The contact angle of the nondominant hand with the pushrim was calculated from the hand's center of mass in relation to the rear-wheel radius, with respect to a vertical axis used as a reference [29].
One plaintiff broke into tears at her deposition describing her inability to hold her young niece, allegedly due to sustaining several disabling fractures to her nondominant hand.
The brain training includes such novel ideas as reading a book upside down and using the nondominant hand to brush teeth and hair.
The surgeon's nondominant hand is used to grasp the arm and hold the skin taut.
Even for the professional, there are often circumstances during a criminal or violent attack where the nondominant hand is needed to protect an innocent bystander or family member, if not access an avenue of escape such as to open a door, remove an obstacle or start and drive a motor vehicle, all while engaging the threat one handed with the dominant hand.
What writing with my nondominant hand did for me was teach me to recognize the voice of my inner wisdom and intuition among all the other voices a head contains--inner child, inner critic, etc.
The users held a Google/HTC Nexus One smartphone in their nondominant hand and they had to poke at cross-hair-style targets on screen with the index finger of their dominant hand.