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adj lacking the property of sticking together, or cohesion.
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Considering these findings, the researchers recommend the modified equation for use on a broader range of noncohesive soil conditions for pier scour.
The variable's complement to 1 gives us a measure of disagreement in cohesive and noncohesive social groups.
First, members of cohesive groups tend to be more satisfied than members of noncohesive groups (Griffith, 1988).
Asphalt emulsions have been used successfully with both cohesive and noncohesive aggregates.
With regard to social exchange, one could expect that cohesive groups would display more positive and frequent social exchanges than noncohesive groups.
Yet the most appealing part of the book is the noncohesive collection of testimonies included in it: Todd Haynes' script for Poison, Gregory Whitehead's "The Forensic Theater: Memory Plays for the Postmortem Condition," fiction by Kathy Acker, Leslie Dick's meditation on the skull of Charlotte Corday, as well as testimony from Charles Manson and Hitler.
Metastatic lobular carcinoma may be more difficult to discern on TP because the small and noncohesive tumor cells may be mistaken for lymphocytes.
Amid this political upheaval, the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) was formed as a broad, and noncohesive, coalition of Islamist groups.
The research focuses on clear-water scour at singular piers in noncohesive sediment mixtures.
Subsequently, viscoplastic deformation involves new cohesive processes (molecular orientation and shear of lamellae) and noncohesive processes (lamellar fragmentation and crazing) (1-9).
Compaction of these noncohesive materials is best achieved when they are nearing saturation.
Walker PH, Kinnell PIA, Green Patricia (1978) Transport of a noncohesive sandy mixture in rainfall and runoff experiments.