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adj lacking the property of sticking together, or cohesion.
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Absence of E-cadherin expression distinguishes noncohesive from cohesive pancreatic cancer.
Once improved, it may be introduced in an overall volume strain model that will predict the strain and stress dissipated by noncohesive processes.
Similar to the compaction cell, the spherical particles introduced to the extruder geometry were considered to be noncohesive Coulombic solids.
The forces were greatest near the upper plate, and they diminished toward the bottom of the cell, though not linearly, which demonstrates the influence of friction within this bed of noncohesive particles.
But as the frustration over another noncohesive effort mounts, players acknowledge their dream is becoming more difficult.
It is interesting to note that at 30% slope, where detachment limited conditions are more likely to prevail, it was not the well-aggregated soils that were the most erodible, but the sandy noncohesive soils.
Alveolar RMS predominates in adults and is characterized by the presence of ill-defined collections of noncohesive tumor cells, the central portions of which appear empty or markedly hypocellular, giving the appearance of forming spaces or alveoli (Figure 14).
The results obtained in this study reveal that the competition between cohesive plasticity and noncohesive damage processes at particle interface.
Cells were primarily single and noncohesive, with rare groups of 2 to 16 cells.
The smear preparations showed noncohesive large to very large lymphoid cells with abundant basophilic cytoplasm.
The frozen section showed an undifferentiated tumor composed of noncohesive, roundish, small cells, sometimes arranged in a linear fashion, focally surrounding but not infiltrating normal lobules.