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1. Lacking cellular organization, as applied to viruses, which can only replicate within a cell, whether prokaryotic or eukaryotic. Synonym(s): subcellular
2. Synonym(s): acellular (1)
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Also interesting is the contradiction wherein noncellular radiotelephone calls are left unprotected while cellular calls are given special status.
However, much recent interest has focused on the biology and diagnostic applications of circulating cell-free nucleic acids found in the noncellular fraction, i.
Because cartilage is a noncellular material, it lacks the proteins that cells typically use to protect themselves from the complement system.
12,13) In this cohort of patients, the CSF is analyzed for various cellular and noncellular components.
These are low-power, noncellular pocket-size phones, which proponents say may cost less than $100, yet be able to provide high-quality transmissions.
In 1990, Mobay's Polyurethane Division introduced Prism, a noncellular, rigid polyurethane for reaction injection molding (RIM) large, stiff, 1/8-inch-thick parts.
The spherical clusters were often approximately 10 [micro]m in overall diameter whether in the cellular or noncellular system.
Noncellular fetal DNA circulating in maternal plasma may represent a suitable source of fetal genetic material that can be obtained noninvasively.
The male accessory gland in Drosophila serves as the main organ of the male genital apparatus in charge of producing the noncellular portion of the sperm (Bairati 1968).
8% was seen, because of difficulty in discerning RBCs from other small particles (bacteria, noncellular debris, and precipitate).
Recently, there has been much interest in the use of the noncellular portion of blood, namely plasma, for molecular analysis.
5) have used unfractionated urine, which presumably contains both cellular and noncellular materials.