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1. Lacking cellular organization, as applied to viruses, which can only replicate within a cell, whether prokaryotic or eukaryotic. Synonym(s): subcellular
2. Synonym(s): acellular (1)
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Describe why a virus is considered noncellular based upon its structure
The slide should contain obvious cells, but I also prefer it contains either some items that are clearly noncellular or cells that are spaced widely enough apart so that areas exist where no cells are present.
The superficial layer, or lamina splendens, is thin, noncellular, and porous.
Screening would begin with noncellular tests to "get an idea of how reactive the particle might be,' says Oberdorster.
Noncellular and cellular processes cause nail streaks.
Noncellular materials such as mineral crystals, corrosion particles, clay or silt particles, or blood components, depending on the environment in which the biofilm has developed, may also be found in the biofilm matrix.
Plasma cells are mature immunocompetent cells that are derived from B lymphocytes, and they provide specific noncellular immunity within the immune system.
4] uptake by FBOM microbes may have been partitioned into noncellular pools that may be of lower nutritional quality for consumers.
This wireless, noncellular, "narrowband" system, designed for computers, cordless phones, fax machines and paging devices, is expected to drive profits in the multibillion-dollar telecommunications industry during the next decade and beyond.
I don't mean to scare anyone, but it has recently come to my attention that Michael Landon, Lee Remick, Lyle Alzado, and Audrey Hepburn all used regular, noncellular phones frequently prior to their deaths of cancer.
Among these are cordless telephone signals from the handset, amateur radio, noncellular mobile car phones, private mobile radios, marine and aeronautical services, and specified satellite signals.