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An oligopeptide containing nine amino acyl residues (for example, oxytocin).
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a) Position in nonapeptide Peptide group (b) 1 2 3 PEQ 1 50% P (c) 36% Q 82% Q (c) 2 41% Q (c) 41% P 34% Q Position in nonapeptide Peptide group (b) 7 8 9 1 73% P 77% F (c) 86% P (c) 2 66% P 48% Q (c) 34% Q; 34% P (a) Only amino acids with frequency 30% at the respective positions are shown.
Here we describe an assay for antibodies to nonapeptides that has a diagnostic accuracy considerably higher than that of AGAs and is close to that of autoantibodies.
All 51 nonapeptides from [alpha]/ [beta]-gliadin precursor (accession number C22364) (26), [gamma]-gliadin precursor (accession number P21292) (27), and [omega]-secalin (28) carrying PQQ as a central tripeptide core and their 51 PEQ-containing counterparts were synthesized.
We compared binding of human IgA antibodies from 41 sera of EmA-positive CD patients to 51 nonapeptides bearing a central PQQ motif with binding to their 51 PEQ-containing counterparts.
Of 76 control sera, 7 or fewer sera reacted with the above-mentioned nonapeptides (Table 2).
The CD sera unreactive with the QPEQPFP-containing nonapeptides did not bind.
Two of the five sera that were not reactive with the six QPEQPFP-containing nonapeptides (Table 2) gave a positive signal with PEQLPQFEE.
In a-type gliadin, five nonapeptides contain PEQ: in three cases followed by PYP, and in one of the three preceded by Q.