pelargonic acid

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pel·ar·gon·ic ac·id

(pel'ar-gon'ik as'id),
Substance used in the manufacture of lacquers and plastics; produced in the oxidative cleavage of oleic acid.
Synonym(s): n-nonanoic acid
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Nonanoic acid is applied on polypropylene fibers and the textile specimen is investigated by EDS after finishing is performed.
The immobilization of nonanoic acid in a high temperature process on polymeric fibers proves the applicability of this process for functionalizing polymeric fibers with silane linker molecules.
Sampling 1 Sampling 2 (E)-2-nonenal (7) 140 X X (E)-2-octenal (7) 126 X X (E,E)-2,4-nonadienal 138 X X (1,6,7) (E,E)-2,4-decadienal (7) 152 X X 3,7-dimethyl-2,6- 152 X X octadienal (1) 6,10-dimethyl-5,9- 194 X X undecadien-2-one (1) Benzaldehyde (1,6) 106 X X Benzyl alcohol (1,4) 108 X X Cyclotetradecane (1) 196 X Dodecanoic acid (1,3,5,6) 200 X X Heptadecane (1,2) 240 X X Heptanal (1,5,6) 114 X X Hexanal (5,7) 100 X Nonanoic acid (1,3,4,8) 158 X Octadecane (1) 254 X X Toluene (1,6) 92 X X Undecanal (5) 170 X X (1.
In a second experiment, 11 healthy volunteers had dorsal areas of their hands irritated by 90% and 60% nonanoic acid, a naturally occurring lipophilic fatty acid, which was applied on an adhesive patch and left on for 24 hours.