nonparticipating physician

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non·par·ti·ci·pat·ing phy·si·cian

(non'par-tis'i-pāt-ing fi-zish'ŭn)
In the U.S. Medicare program, a physician who does not accept assignment on all Medicare claims.
Synonym(s): nonPAR.
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I consider this mixed case most likely in the initial stages of putting into action a nonpar exchange rate between paper currency and electronic money--for an interesting reason.
Physicians who want to continue their current PAR or nonPAR status do not need to take any action.
The first nonpar bond offering came in June 1958 (U.
data and by Belongia (2000) using data from the United States, Germany, and Japan have applied the nonpar procedure.
2) Such a depreciating warehouse note would saddle the holder both with a negative return and with the computational cost of dealing with a nonpar medium of exchange.
975 Mean SD No outlier detection No outliers 5% outliers Measure Nonpar (a) Robust Nonpar Robust Mean -1.
This occurs when prices happen (for reasons unrelated to legal sanctions) to be expressed in terms of bad money, and high transactions costs of nonpar exchange make it prohibitively costly to transact with good money.
Nonpar payment of "remotely presented" checks largely came to an end with the Federal Reserve's entry into the business of check clearing.
It is this closed family, sumptuous dining that has always made the traditional, old-fashioned whole life policy so attractive and blew away the sparse offerings of nonpar, universal life and all other fare that siphoned off nourishment to hangers-on.
Section 1 discusses nonpar remittance and the importance of correspondent relationships for clearing out-of-town checks in the pre-Fed system.
Even if state banks did not have direct access to the Fed's rediscount facilities, this general feeling of confidence could have led state banks to reduce their cash ratios permanently On the other hand, Gilbert's sample included state banks engaged in nonpar clearings.
We therefore label this type of instrument a nonpar contract.