nonparticipating physician

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non·par·ti·ci·pat·ing phy·si·cian

(non'par-tis'i-pāt-ing fi-zish'ŭn)
In the U.S. Medicare program, a physician who does not accept assignment on all Medicare claims.
Synonym(s): nonPAR.
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Fifth-percentile nonparametric lower tolerance limits (NTLs) were calculated as per ASTM D1990-07 and interpolated using NONPAR (FPL 2011).
In an initial application of Nonpar, no violations of GARP were detected at the goods and services grouping level or at the level of individual goods/ services.
I consider this mixed case most likely in the initial stages of putting into action a nonpar exchange rate between paper currency and electronic money--for an interesting reason.
15) Under this proposal, Medicare would pay its share of the payment currently made to nonpar doctors, resulting in some savings for the program.
Physicians who want to continue their current PAR or nonPAR status do not need to take any action.
Nonpar clearing was the norm, and remote locations were inadequately served.
This nonpar policy's lower premium, of course, is initially appealing from a consumer's viewpoint.
On the other hand, stock insurance companies are owned by their stockholders, and policyowners are simply owners of the corporation's products (but not the corporation itself)--as a result, stock insurance companies traditionally issued nonpar policies.
The first nonpar bond offering came in June 1958 (U.
data and by Belongia (2000) using data from the United States, Germany, and Japan have applied the nonpar procedure.
2) Such a depreciating warehouse note would saddle the holder both with a negative return and with the computational cost of dealing with a nonpar medium of exchange.
975 Mean SD No outlier detection No outliers 5% outliers Measure Nonpar (a) Robust Nonpar Robust Mean -1.