non-weight bearing

non–weight bearing

Pert. to the support or suspension of a lower extremity so that it does not touch the ground.
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Contract notice: Jc escc - non-weight bearing beds (on behalf of east sussex healthcare nhs trust (esht).
Conservative care in one study suggests non-weight bearing immobilization in a controlled ankle movement boot for 3-4 weeks, dorsi- and plantar-flexion exercises, and progression to weight-bearing by 10% every day for 4 weeks.
Patients are often placed on non-weight bearing activity for up to 6 weeks while the fracture repairs and forms a new union.
As you're buoyant in the water, there is also no jarring of your joints and it is non-weight bearing, making swimming a perfect exercise for those who are getting older or those with joint problems.
The rest of the 3 cases with closed reduction by cannulated screw fixation leaving the femoral head fractures in non-weight bearing area untreated.
Non-weight bearing exercise, such as cycling and swimming, is a great way to get fit.
Evaluating for flat feet in the clinic is usually limited to inspection in weight bearing and non-weight bearing.
Non-weight bearing claws, like the dewclaws on the inside of each front paw, can grow in a circle and into the foot pad.
Bloccs are popular with injured children who want to swim on their summer holidays, side-lined athletes who need a speedier rehabilitation through aquatic non-weight bearing exercise and anyone who wants to bathe or shower independently after surgery or in spite of having a dressed wound," explained Kate Richards, co-director of PDM.
SU-POR Surgical Implants are manufactured in Newnan, GA, USA, from high-density polyethylene and are designed for non-weight bearing applications of craniofacial reconstruction/cosmetic surgery and repair of craniofacial trauma.
Hip and knee flexion exercises from 3rd day, patient allowed non-weight bearing walking from 3rd day, partial weight bearing started when radiological signs of union were present at an average of 4th week post-operative, full weight bearing after clinical and radiological union.
He will be limited to non-weight bearing activity for at least six weeks and has been ruled out of participating in RWC15 (Rugby World Cup).