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The predictions were based on previous research that has examined emotional and cortisol responses, in starter and non-starter players, and psychophysiological relationships in the pre-competition period.
A population of non-starter lactic acid bacteria in three-month ripened cheddar cheeses was characterized and identified to determine individual roles in cheddar cheese flavor.
Ice and rain meant the eagerly-awaited Premier Division clash was a non-starter, as was the other derby battle between Newsome Panthers A and Slaithwaite A in Division IV.
I won't ever say it completely (ruled out), but our fans don't want it so I think it's a non-starter.
This was previously a non-starter, of course, thanks to the Old Firm carving up an SPL voting system that would make a Zimbabwean dictator or Sepp Blatter blush.
Angus Alders, Morvern, Highlands A "FAT TAX" on junk food is a total non-starter.
Add this shameless gold-digger to the likes of Heather Mills, plus all those huge settlements being made in our divorce courts, and you can understand how the averagely-salaried and randy British male has caught on to the notion that marriage is a non-starter.
If everyone else knew it was a non-starter, how come he couldn't see it?
This idea obviously a non-starter, where our present politicians are concerned.
Kevin Leighton is a definite non-starter and Anthony Shandran is doubtful, but Johnny Brown, Gareth McAlindon and Mark Rasmussen all come into contention.
Phil Davis, the chairman of the Campaign for the English Regions and a former leader of Telford & Wrekin Council, said the idea was a non-starter which had no support from any major political party.
Yesterday however there were claims this could be a non-starter as highways engineers and councils could argue they rely on the availability of Government cash for road improvements.
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