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Upon creation and submission of the non-proprietary name selections, each governing body reviews the drug name submissions based on several criteria and guidelines, including similarity or conflicts with existing drug names and trademarks, prefixes that imply certain meanings or chemical elements, specific letter combinations and usage, and international language pronunciation considerations among other requirements.
As already indicated, foundations are highly active in awarding grants to non-proprietary institutions and agencies studying geriatric health care issues.
By granting "functional equivalency," the agency affirms that the BioMod Modular Bioretention System does not need to go through its Technology Assessment Protocol --Ecology (TAPE) program for approval, and may be designed using the same standards and criteria as any non-proprietary bioretention planter or planter box.
The company will no longer provide the Oncotype SEQ Liquid Select test or further invest in non-proprietary next-generation sequencing-based panels.
Recently, the US Adopted Names Council has adopted the product as the unique non-proprietary name for M402.
By major business segments, proprietary brands and non-proprietary brands of watches and timepieces accounted for 65.3% and 30.6% of the Group's turnover respectively.
It's the industry's leading non-proprietary, file-based and fully portable storage solution that offers cost-efficient file archiving across a wide range of industries.
The deal will allow the Copenhagen-based bank to provide other lenders and brokers with a range of non-proprietary trading services.
"High-graphic" labeling is also available to EPS cup molders on a non-proprietary basis.

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