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Diana Farrington, requires written consent from a non-offending parent before a video statement by a minor in child neglect or physical/sexual abuse case is released to an authorized entity for training purposes.
Mandating 50/50 parenting time regardless of the circumstances would place an unfair burden on survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault by forcing the attorney for the non-offending parent to rebut the presumption that equal parenting time is in the best interest of the child.
Laura enrolled in a non-offending parent education and support group.
It gets even more complicated when a fit, non-offending parent presents himself to authorities and claims he is ready to care for the child, even though the other parent may have neglected or abused the child.
In the language of child protection, the issues in this scenario revolve around the constitutional rights of the non-offending parent. The legal question is whether a court can adjudicate these children as in need of aid when a fit, non-offending parent is willing and able to care for them, notwithstanding the acts of the offending parent.
Policies and practice require that the non-offending parent or support person(s) be aware of the offender's sexually abusive behavior and participate as needed in the offender's supervision and treatment.
New responses will be guided by the theory that children should remain in the care of their non-offending parent whenever possible, and that collaboration among the three systems can make battered mothers safer and offer meaningful help to abusers.
Non-offending parents are supported through this difficult time and can ask questions and receive referrals for counseling or medical appointments.
* Non-offending parents are empowered to protect and support their children.
This change will help to facilitate a more coordinated response to meeting children's needs, ensure a more thorough case planning process, as well as facilitate counseling and referrals for additional community resources to be provided to victims and non-offending parents. The bill also makes certain information obtained by a guardian ad litem under Part I of ch.
child victims and non-offending parents often need prompt access to services geared to provide support and therapeutic intervention, which is a critical component of the community response.
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