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Denoting the generalizations pertaining to the behavior of groups of people as groups, as opposed to idiographic.
[G. nomos, law, + thesis, a placing]
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Communication journals were more likely to study a variety of topics, issues, or concepts, that is, scholars here took a more nomothetic approach than their health communication counterparts.
Keeping the tension between idiographic and nomothetic approaches in mind, it is interesting to look at how the two parties understand the scope or reach of their respective versions of narrative theory.
375) subsequently wrote that she was "not proud of having used the repertory grid in that nomothetic way," the test and associated research served an important purpose in demonstrating that people diagnosed as thought disordered schizophrenic were characterized by the same processes of construing as anyone else, albeit using one of these--loose construing--to a greater degree.
(19,20) Characterized as idiographic, this research is concerned with studying a specific and particular situation in a broad, in-depth and interpretative sense, focusing on the process, not only on the outcomes, and without nomothetic intentions, i.e.
These are (a) the privileging of physical and material measures and domains, (b) nomothetic approaches toward knowledge, (c) so-called masculine approaches, (d) reductionist perspectives, (e) the need for psi to have some application, (f) the need for researchers to be objective and uninvolved, (g) restrictions in terms of what qualifies as science and the subject matter of that science and privilege in terms of what constitutes authority, and (h) the neglect of those people and approaches that do not have such "authority" in contributing knowledge and deciding what constitutes knowledge.
The on-going tensions go deep in our understanding with a specific individual (idiographic approach) or more broadly with groups of persons with common characteristics (nomothetic approach).
The empirical approach we used--comparing countries across quantitative characteristics--is a nomothetic approach to a social phenomenon (e.g., systems for welfare, health, special education) in that it tries to find independent variables that account for the variation in an outcome variable (Thomae, 1999).
It involves the use of ideographic thinking that is historical and retrodictive, as opposed to nomothetic explorations that are universal and predictive [2].
The book of Patryk Wawrzynski is an excellent example of modern scientific writing: free from unnecessary mannerism, comprehensible even for non-scholars, though not abandoning the scientific rigor and nomothetic character.
Throwing the mountains into the lakes: on the perils of nomothetic conceptions of the exercise: Affect relationship.