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Denoting the generalizations pertaining to the behavior of groups of people as groups, as opposed to idiographic.
[G. nomos, law, + thesis, a placing]
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To paraphrase Simonton (1999), this psychometric study would be quantitative, nomothetic, longitudinal, singularly focused, and exploratory; would use macro units; and would observe the subject indirectly.
Does this mean that they are more geared towards the idiographic rather than the nomothetic mode of research?
It is not the case that one approach is more correct than the other, rather, idiographic and nomothetic approaches serve different purposes.
An idiographic and nomothetic study of personality description.
Beyond nomothetic knowledge claims: Life history method and institutional ethnography: In developing social theories, empiricists come up with correlations upon which causal explanations are proposed and developed.
This is, however, a quibble, since there is always a trade-off between idiographic and nomothetic gains.
69) One is here confronted with the tension between the nomothetic drive to generalize and the idiographic drive to comprehend specificities.
Future research needs to be attentive to both the nomothetic and idiographic aspects of the fathering relationship.
It is clear to highlight that the quantitative approach drawn from nomothetic assumptions, places great emphasis on generalization and less emphasis on detail (Denison, 1990).
As a result, the conclusion that bourgeois modernism was characterized above all by its "dialogical structure" and its notion of politics as a "process of conversation and negociation" stands awkwardly alongside not only the bellicose nationalism of World War I, but also the spell-binding force of technological innovation and the strident truth-claims of evidence-based, nomothetic science that countenanced precious little "conversation and negotiations" (p.
the need for training and block effects) that have limited its ability to detect change in psychological processes and variables at the ideographic, rather than nomothetic, level.
Comparaison des effets de trois modes de restitution de questionnaires vocationnels: Nomothetique, constructiviste et integre [Comparison of the effects of three interpretation styles for interests inventories: Nomothetic, constructivist and integrated].