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A check-list of the fishes of the Great Lakes and tributary waters, with nomenclatorial notes and analytical keys.
In connection with the significant time-gap between individual faunal lists and the inevitable nomenclatorial changes, such species lists do not support biogeographic research (Soberon & Peterson 2004), nor do they offer easy access to species-richness estimates.
There are three principles in my restoration of the Shu Poems, namely biographical information, geographical reference, and nomenclatorial structure of poem titles.
Rather, it is a sign of the heightened unpredictability and agonistic open-endedness inaugurated by globalization, which, in spite of the nomenclatorial drawbacks mentioned here, is still a useful name for the entrenchment of an uncertainly articulated, universally pervasive, and remarkably fluid manner of pan-national exchange, influence, and cultural formation.
Estimates of nomenclatorial and taxonomic diversity among Recent Entoprocta and Ectoprocta.
The development of space travel, he thought, would precipitate an ever increasing use of unnamed stars that would compromise nomenclatorial discipline if standards weren't vigorously defended.
The type locality and nomenclatorial status of Peromyscus maniculatus nebrascensis (Coues).
En este apartado se comenta el estado taxonomico, nomenclatorial y distribucional de las entidades del genero Akodon mencionadas para Patagonia.
Bachmann, our father of aquatic entomology, who has always been available to provide advice on biological, systematic or nomenclatorial questions when answers from books were not forthcoming.
Para la determinacion y actualizacion nomenclatorial de los especimenes se utilizaron las referencias convencionales para la zona citadas por Riosmena-Rodriguez y Paul-Chavez (1997).
In these debates, etymological precision was welcomed, spinning many a nomenclatorial conundrum.