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Captain Trilby Elliot and her only companion Dezi the droid operate an obsolete outer space cargo ship when her intruder alarm noisily explodes, warning her of something nearing her vessel.
Audiences for this production were a bit hesitant to give standing ovations, but rose noisily to their feet when these two came out.
Phrases and actions are limited to punch lines and punches and take place within an almost logarithmic rotation: The words "And father never returned!" for example, are repeated so noisily and so frequently that the audience comes close to shouting out loud along with the actors.
Near Asheville, NC Guided Bird Walk : Join Chimney Rock Park's Ornithologist to watch woodpeckers noisily feeding their young, and summer residents like Scarlet Tanagers as they sing & establish their territories.
During the demonstration, Qrio clumped noisily across a raised platform before doing a few standing jumps.
Because the president has embraced the doctrine of military pre-emption, allowed some members of the neoconservative Project for the New American Century to have positions of influence on foreign policy, and noisily mocked multilateralism in favor of case-by-case bilateral arrangements, thereby making the rest of the world, including long-time allies, nervous and surly.
Each time, a different group clapped noisily, occasionally cheering.
of roofs and chimneys noisily exhaled a thought the prophets had
The issue is hot and continuous among members of the 75-person USA-based Jesus Seminar, with the sceptics most noisily represented by Luke Johnson's The Real Jesus." the Misguided Quest for the Historical Jesus, and the traditionalists by John Crossman, The Historical Jesus; both are former priests.
A black snake--a harmless racer--dropped noisily from a low sable palm branch and disappeared into the underbrush.
No, we noisily compare them to Catholicism and continually conclude definitively that Catholicism is the fullest, the most complete, the most true--not just for some hut for all.