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Rarely used term relating to the mental processes.
[G. noēma, perception, a thought]
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and its noematic mirror: they are apparitions upon Existence and that mirror.
zinni- is a noematic feature of COMPLETION,(2) which is not an essential component of sino or its compounds.
The noetic moment is itself constitutive for the noematic entire content of experience" (p.
Thus the noematic sense, "other living body" arises from an associative transfer of my own past or anticipated experience to a physically similar body, in the specific mode of appresentation.
Having subsequently developed the distinction between Sinn (a modality of noematic meaning that belongs to all acts) and Bedeutung (which pertains exclusively to linguistic meaning), Husserl now argues that what is emptily meant in perceptual acts--for instance, the back side of a perceived barn--is not signitively given.
Husserl says that objects of any sort, real or not, all are included within the reduction; they are there precisely as the noematic correlates of our various intentional acts.
They can be revealed within the ordo amoris which is both noetic and noematic in its structure.
Kelkel reviews the meaning of life (Leben, vie) in (1) Dilthey's Lebensphilosophie, which first disclosed the uniquely historical nature of human life, as distinct from the mere organicity of other living things; (2) Husserl's late notion of the Lebenswelt, which is the noematic correlate of the constituting transcendental ego; and (3) Heidegger's "hermeneutic of life" (p.