nodular scleritis

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nod·u·lar scle·ri·tis

firm, immobile, single or multiple areas of localized scleritis.


marked with, or resembling, nodules.

nodular dermatofibrosis
nodular episcleritis
see nodular fasciitis (below).
nodular fasciitis
a firm painless nodular swelling, 0.25 to 0.5 inch diameter, under the conjunctiva at the corneoscleral junction of the eye in dogs. Alternative sites for lesions are the nictitating membrane, and in the subcutis anywhere in the body and in deeper fascia and muscles of the head, face and eyelid. The lesion is an inflammation of fascia and not a neoplasm but acts in a similar manner and may require enucleation because of its size. Called also nodular episcleritis, collie granuloma and proliferative keratoconjunctivitis.
nodular hyperplasia
a characteristic lesion in nodular regeneration in the liver.
nodular infiltrates
cells aggregated in one site.
nodular intestinal worm disease
nodular liver regeneration
nodules covering the surface of the liver in patients subjected to persistent or repetitive poisoning, usually by poisonous plants.
nodular lungworm
see muelleriuscapillaris.
nodular necrobiosis
multiple, cutaneous nodules of unknown etiology on the neck, withers and back of the horse. They are composed of degenerate collagen and an eosinophilic and granulomatous response. Called also equine nodular collagenolytic granuloma or eosinophilic granuloma.
nodular necrosis
nodular panniculitis
see nodular panniculitis.
nodular scleritis
see nodular fasciitis (above).
nodular subepidermal fibrosis
nodular thyroid hyperplasia
see nodular goiter.
nodular venereal disease
see granular vaginitis.
nodular worm
nodular worm disease