nodular disease

nod·u·lar dis·ease

esophagostomiasis in herbivores and primates, characterized by nodules in the wall of the large intestine, cecum, and occasionally, the ileum; the nodules are filled with caseous material and result from host response to encystment of the larvae of Oesophagostomum species.
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Nodular disease is characterised by the disordered growth of thyroid gland cells with gradual development of fibrosis.
The second interesting finding of the present study is the high prevalence rate of thyroid nodular disease in T2DM patients that differs significantly from those with T1DM.
Oral doxycycline 100 mg BID and azithromycin 250 mg OD with intravenous Amikacin 1000 mg OD were initiated with rapid improvement of nodular disease (Figure 2).
Given the high prevalence of benign nodular disease in the general population, an optimal management of such disease would be useful in order to adequately monitor the patients, while minimizing useless consultations, thyroid function test, and ultrasounds.
There is increasing recognition that total thyroidectomy is appropriate for patients with benign thyroid disease when there is significant nodular disease involving both lobes (Bron and O'Brien, 2004).
Among the granulomatous processes, pulmonary rheumatoid nodules can be encountered; these are usually seen in conjunction with articular nodular disease but are, in rare instances, isolated in the lung.
However, it rarely leaves any sequelae, except for some areas of scleral transparency or stromal keratitis in cases of severe nodular disease always occurring in the same area.
(6) Using radioactive iodine to treat nodular disease in euthyroid individuals with normal uptake on a scan had variable results, with 20% of patients having no change in nodule size and 80% having up to a 60% decrease in size at 5 years.
344/474 (72%) patients had hyperthyroidism secondary to Graves' disease and 134/474(28%) had toxic nodular disease. 518 patients received pre-RAI antithyroid medications.
Total compared with subtotal thyroidectomy in benign nodular disease: personal series and review of published reports.
Chronic silicosis is a bilateral nodular disease, starting in the upper zones.