nodal plane

no·dal plane

the plane corresponding to the optic center of a simple lens. See: nodal point.
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0,1,0] < 0 is also axially symmetric about axis z but with z < 0; a narrow gap between those surfaces contains a nodal plane between these two lobes at which [[psi].
The polarity observations and nodal plane solutions of six events are nearly identical (events number 1, 2, 5, 7, 12 and 14, Table 2, Fig.
They were characterized by a shear mechanism and the nodal plane trend was in NE-SW direction (such as the fault VIa).
The plane of the nodal plane agrees well with the structure by the locations of AE.
5, Nodal Plane 1: strike = 246, rake = -80, dip = 66, Nodal Plane 2: strike = 43, rake = -112, dip = 26, (http ://www.
With respect to SUW, as will be discussed later, SUW happened to be located close to the nodal plane of P waves and in the direction of maximum Sg waves (compare seismograms in Figure 4).
Each mechanism consists of steep or moderately dipping WNW-ESE to NW-SE trending nodal plane and of another steep NNE-SSW to NE-SW trending nodal plane.
The main idea is then to determine if matching the nodal planes of both elements in the annular array may enhance the synergy of both elements and have some positive influence on achieving a more uniform displacement of both elements and a more reduced cross-talk.
Due to the small number of polarities, at least one of the nodal planes could not be constrained and for this reason we used a priori knowledge of the expected stresses to help constrain the nodal planes.
This surface shows four lobes, of alternating positive and negative phase around axis y, directed parallel to axis y between nodal planes x = 0 and z = 0.
Along the nodal planes the amplitudes are zero, parallel to the T-axis (Tension) the amplitudes are positive (compressional) and along the P-axis (Pressure) the amplitudes are negative (dilatational).
One obtained percentage share of particular seismic moment tensor components, spatial orientation of nodal planes and rake angle.