nocturnal epilepsy

noc·tur·nal ep·i·lep·sy

an epilepsy syndrome characterized only by nocturnal seizures.
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The music legend, who suffered from nocturnal epilepsy, said: "As with all stigmas, it's just lack of knowledge.
Paroxysmal awakenings from sleep associated with excessive daytime somnolence: a form of nocturnal epilepsy. Neurology, v.
According to the pathologist Pauline Dowling, who carried out the examination, the most likely cause was nocturnal epilepsy.
The most important differential diagnosis to consider in adults with abnormal sleep behavior is nocturnal epilepsy. Individuals with nocturnal epilepsy will show EEG abnormalities outside of the sleep period and PSG monitoring should show characteristic epileptic waveforms.
It is important to rule out nocturnal epilepsy, night terrors and medication effects.
They suspect a rare problem called nocturnal epilepsy.
The medics discovered that post-graduate student Alex suffers from rare nocturnal epilepsy and drugs should now keep the problem under control.
There are different types, including nocturnal epilepsy, where people have seizures just after going to sleep or just before waking.
Sleep state transitions may facilitate some types of nocturnal epilepsy. Untreated epilepsy does affect sleep organization.
Plaintiff Shaver had suffered nocturnal epilepsy since his teens, but after an operation in which part of his brain was removed and replaced by a metal plate, he was able to get a job at a timber mill operated by Salem Wood Products Co.
Pathologist Pauline Dowling, who carried out the examination, said the most likely cause was nocturnal epilepsy.
She also has obsessive compulsive disorder, semantic pragmatic disorder, Tourette syndrome and nocturnal epilepsy. Every time I thought I was beginning to deal with the shock of having two autistic children Taylae was diagnosed with yet another serious illness.