nitsch (nētsˑ·ch),

n according to Apache belief, an ailment believed to result from neglecting natural entities, such as an individual who disrespects an owl may suffer from anxiety, palpitation, and sweating. Shamanic prayers and songs are required to treat the condition, which is thought to lead to suicide.
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Mills teamed with fellow tackles John Nitsch (6-4, 265) and Joe Hollins (6-0, 280) and ends Milton Ramsey (6-0, 215) and Kyiamowaki Jones (6-1, 220) to help limit the Crusaders to under 50 yards offensively.
In the decades following World War II, Austrian artist Hermann Nitsch and his contemporaries pursued an approach to artmaking that--like those of so many artists around the globe at midcentury--attempted to deal with the underlying psychological depths of human existence.
Brock, a Grafton resident who works at Nitsch Engineering of Boston, has been selected to serve on the board of directors for the Massachusetts Chapter of the United States Green Building Council.
Linda was wearing dark clothing, there's no visibility and she's quite slight compared to the insurgent," Brigadier Nitsch said.
An investigation led by US Major General Joseph Votel and British Brigadier Robert Nitsch found that she died when a grenade was thrown into a gully.
AUSTRIAN airline pilot Herbert Nitsch, 40, will try to smash his own 702ft world freediving record by plunging 1,000ft in one breath to the sea bed off Greece in November.
Stewart Roberts Associates with Roome & Guarracino Structural Engineering; RDK Engineers; and Nitsch Engineering
Publicista de profesion, en esta ocasion Saatchi tambien ha acertado en el impacto mediatico al sustituir lo transgresor por lo convencional, exponiendo obras de Hermann Nitsch (Austria, 1938), Jorg Immendorff (Alemania, 1945), Martin Kippenberger (Alemania 19531997), Marlene Dumas (Sudafrica, 1953), Luc Tuymas (Belgica, 1958) y Peter Doig (Canada, 1959).