nitrogenous equilibrium

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ni·trog·e·nous e·qui·lib·ri·um

a condition in which the amount of nitrogen excreted from the body equals that taken in with the food; nutritive equilibrium so far as protein is concerned.
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(e?kwi-lib're-um, ek?wi-) [ aequilibrium level or horizontal position]
A state of balance; a condition in which contending forces are equal.

Donnan equilibrium

See: Donnan equilibrium

dynamic equilibrium

1. The sense of balance while the body or head is in motion. This is maintained by coordinating data from postural (stretch) receptors in the limbs with data from the inner ear and cerebellum.
2. Homeostasis.

nitrogen equilibrium

Nitrogen balance.

nitrogenous equilibrium

Nitrogen balance.

physiological equilibrium

In nutritional theory, a state in which the body's intake and excretion of nutrients are perfectly matched.

static equilibrium

The ability to maintain a steady position of the head and body in relation to gravity. It is integrated with the equilibrium of movement, or dynamic equilibrium. Synonym: static balance

thermal equilibrium

A condition in which two substances exist at the same temperature and in which heat transfer is therefore in a steady state.
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