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a product of the action of a mixture of nitric and sulfuric acids on cotton; used to make collodion.


Consists chiefly of cellulose tetranitrate, obtained by the action of nitric and sulfuric acids on cotton; used in the preparation of collodion.
[pyro- + G. xylon, wood]


/ni·tro·cel·lu·lose/ (ni″tro-sel´ūl-ōs) pyroxylin.

nitrocellulose (nitr)

a mixture of nitrate esters of cellulose made by treating cotton with nitric and sulfuric acids. Solutions in a mixture of ether and alcohol are used as "plastic skin" under the name of collodion. Also called pyroxylin.


pyroxylin, a base which is dissolved in alcohol or ether to form collodion.
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Fred Olsen, working for Olin's Western Cartridge Company, developed a much quicker method of making even smaller-granuled smokeless rifle powder, by stirring a slurry rapidly until tiny "bubbles" of nitrocellulose formed.
In order to confirm the successful formation of gold-anti- NS1 complex nitrocellulose membrane was first spotted with NS1 antigen and then allowed to react with the previously formed Anti NS1-Gold and mouse anti IgG- Gold complex.
Safety surveillance of artillery and small-arms propellants for safe stability levels will be required for as long as we continue to use nitrocellulose as a primary energetic material.
Stabilizers prevent the nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine from decomposing by neutralizing nitric and nitrous acids that are produced during decomposition.
It was found that nitrocellulose could be lysed with methanol or dimethylsulfoxide; however, Yoyo-1 fluorescence was diminished significantly in these solvents.
Very high destruction efficiencies have been demonstrated for more than 10 compounds, including TNT, nitrocellulose, and ammonium perchlorate.
We like them because they can sand thermoplastic nitrocellulose without melting it," said Goodson.
Nitrocellulose (CAS 9004-70-0) Market Research Report 2012 presents comprehensive data on nitrocellulose markets globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America etc.
For nearly 70 years, the Scholle Chemical business has developed nitrocellulose solutions, specialty chemical solutions and bag-in-box acid sales for the North American marketplace.
Scholle Chemical has been in business for nearly 70 years, producing nitrocellulose solutions, specialty chemical solutions, and bag-in-box acid sales for the North American market.
A medical examiner's report stated that traces of nitrocellulose -- an explosive material also known as guncotton -- was found on shrapnel pulled from the victim.
Western blotting detects antibody response by reaction of antigen and antibody on nitrocellulose membrane (Thomas and Sharp 1990).