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The cultures were handled under the same growing conditions as those described for bacterial counts of nitrifying bacteria, and necessary reseedings were carried out until pure strains were obtained in a solid minimal mineral agar medium.
The oxidation of ammonia to nitrate by nitrifying bacteria under aerobic conditions has been widely used in sewage treatment (Zhu et al.
Similar to copper, iron is also an essential element for nitrifying bacteria.
Occurrence of nitrifying bacteria and nitrification in Finnish drinking water distribution system, Water Research 36: 4319-4329.
1]; in non-renewal water concentrations are very low and show the absorption of this element by the phytoplankton and the activities of nitrifying bacteria in the environment (SIPAUBA-TAVARES et al.
Long-term rates of nitrification and the abundance of nitrifying bacteria within the soil microbial community can therefore be affected by factors controlling net availability of N[H.
Especially important in the composting process are the nitrifying bacteria which turn the nitrogen in human waste into nitrites and nitrates - forms of nitrogen that plants need for growth.
Nitrifying bacteria are the 'work horses' of the system, says Dr Lennard, converting harmful ammonia-based fish waste to harmless nitrates to feed the plants.
1, 2006 Environmental Science & Technology, the researchers reported that slow-growing microbes called nitrifying bacteria, which convert ammonia to nitrate, can also degrade those two pharmaceuticals.
He spent four years working on nitrifying bacteria before Watson persuaded Roger Stanier at the University of California, Berkeley, to take him on as a graduate student.
Frey (2001) found that an increase of roughness leads to the strongest impacts on reduction rates and oxygen supply caused by the increment of flow duration and substrate surface for degradative and nitrifying bacteria.
If the surficial sediments contain sufficient oxygen, then aerobic nitrifying bacteria can oxidize nitrogen compounds within the biodeposits to N[O.