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Similar to copper, iron is also an essential element for nitrifying bacteria.
Light can inhibit the growth of nitrifying bacteria (Hagopian and Riley 1998) and even under ideal growth conditions nitrifying bacteria have a relatively slow mean generation time (up to 60 h).
by pelagic nitrifying bacteria, hence explaining their observation of elevated N[O.
In such a situation, remedial actions should be taken to maintain the aerobic conditions needed to sustain both nitrifying bacteria and the benthic bioturbator community.
Nitrification/denitrification of animal wastewater is difficult because it contains high amounts of ammonia that hinder the nitrifying bacteria, says Vanotti.
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Low oxygen conditions because of waterlogging at depth, low numbers of autotrophic nitrifying bacteria due to the absence of a consistent supply of ammonium, or low numbers of heterotrophic nitrifiers due to insufficient carbon substrate may also be responsible for limiting nitrification in this subsoil environment.
The isolation process of nitrifying bacteria was conducted by direct spread plate method using AOB and NOB media [6].
Nitrifying bacteria use ammonia/ammonium and nitrite as an electron donor and oxygen as a final electron acceptor [29] thus the oxygen presence becomes one of the prerequisites for an optimum growth of nitrifying bacteria.
Scope : Retrofitting two of the existing four primary clarifiers to an anoxic zone and introduction of an internal recirculation pumping system for return of nitrifying bacteria to the anoxic zone and ancillary