nitric acid

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pertaining to or containing nitrogen in one of its higher valences.
nitric acid a highly caustic, fuming acid that has a characteristic choking odor and can be fatal if swallowed. It is sometimes used as a cauterizing agent in the eradication of warts; large amounts of it on the skin can cause necrosis. It is also used in the form of its potassium and sodium salts. The antidote for nitric acid poisoning is liberal application of an alkali or sodium bicarbonate.
nitric oxide
1. NO, a naturally occurring gas that in the body is a short-lived dilator released from vascular epithelial cells in response to the binding of vasodilators to endothelial cell receptors; it causes inhibition of muscular contraction, and thus relaxation. Excesses of nitric oxide are toxic to cells of the central nervous system and also cause the drop in blood pressure seen in septic shock. Called also endothelial- or endothelium-derived relaxing factor.
2. a preparation of nitric oxide used together with ventilatory support or other agents in the treatment of respiratory failure due to persistent fetal circulation in term and near-term neonates; administered by inhalation.

ni·tric ac·id

A strong acid oxidant and corrosive; HNO3.

ni·tric ac·id

(nī'trik as'id)
A strong acid oxidant and corrosive.
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China forecasted fastest growth rate in the production and consumption of nitric acid owing to growing chemical and explosive industries.
Government organizations, regulatory authorities, policymakers and financial organizations looking for innovative solutions for production, supply and logistics of nitric acid.
We also have investigated the different factors affecting the uranium extraction such as nitric acid concentration, DOHA concentration, metal ion concentration, salting out effect, temperature and shaking time.
When the temperature of nitric acid is maintained at 50[degrees]C or higher, the reaction described in Equation (2), in which the [Fe(N[O.sub.3]).sub.3] generated by dissolving iron returns to nitric acid (HN[O.sub.3]), occurs repeatedly.
As shown in Figure 3, the positive signals (brown particles) were best observed after decalcifying with 5% nitric acid and 10% EDTA (pH 7.4).
Leading global nitric acid manufacturers are expanding their production base in different countries through mergers and acquisitions in order to capture the growing demand in different regions.
Based on the above investigations, nitric acid pre-leach were optimized to maximize rare earth dissolution and minimize calcium and phosphate dissolution, the lanthanides were selectively leached from phosphate rock with a little uranium and [P.sub.2][O.sub.5] by conducting 12.5 g of the phosphate rock (0.5-0.6 mm) with 50 mL of 0.5 M nitric acid in thermo- static vessel and 400 rpm,, in two extraction stages each within 5 min.
Parameter 1, Speed of decalcification: 5% nitric acid decalcified the tooth fastest and neutral EDTA was slowest.
Hot nitric acid is a strong mineral acid that quickly dissolves iron compounds and most other trace metals on the surface.
Built by Technip, this complex started up in June 1970 and consisted of four units to produce: 1,000 t/d of ammonia, 400 t/d of urea, 400 t/d of nitric acid and 500 t/d of ammonium nitrate.
To get adipic acid, scientists react hexagon-shaped carbon molecules with corrosive nitric acid. That reaction gives off nitrous oxide, which can harm the Earth's ozone layer and, molecule-for-molecule, has nearly 300 times the planet-warming capacity of carbon dioxide.
One of the largest Nitric Acid absorbers in the world is being shipped out of Godrej Works, and will be transported to Yara Pilbara Nitrate's production facility in Australia, from the Mumbai port.