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, saltpetre (salt′pēt′ĕr) [L. sal petrae, salt of rock]
A common name for potassium nitrate.
CAS # 7757-79-1

Chile saltpeter

A common name for sodium nitrate, NaNO3; a crystalline powder, saline in taste and soluble in water.
CAS # 7631-99-4

saltpeter, saltpetre

potassium nitrate.
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Common sulphur is apt to a certain redness when united with nitre, but this is inconstant and fugitive.
His death which was much regretted was caused by the stupidity of Laurence Tulloch of Clothister (Sullom) who sold him nitre instead of Epsom Salts by which he was killed in the space of five hours after taking a dose of it.
VP of Global Sales and Product Management of Teleste Video Networks, Olivier Nitre, added : 'Mike's passionate drive for utilizing technology to improve large-scale operations in the safety and security markets is an exciting addition to Teleste.
Once Hughes was finished, the rifle went back to Steve Nelson for rust bluing of the action, barrel, floor plate and grip cap as well as a nitre blue job on the screws, pins and other small parts.
Agency : PolnohospodEirske dru stvo Ivanka pri Nitre
The 28" barrels, choked modified and full, are rust blued; the action and forend iron are French greyed; the top lever and trigger guard are charcoal blacked while smaller parts are nitre blued.
Agency : SlovenskEi polnohospodEirska univerzita v Nitre
Turnbull then color case hardened the frame, charcoal blued the barrel and nitre blued the screws.
Par rapport aux femmes n'ayant que des fils, celles n'ayant que des filles sont plus susceptibles d'exprimer un regret (1,3), tandis que celles nitres de fils et de filles le sont moms (0,8).
James Nitres, Assistance Mission for Africa (AMA) Director observed that much as the concept of compensation remains a key element among communities, most oil exploration companies largely ignore national interests, thus making oil grievances part and parcel of south Sudan's historical problems.
This features presentations by cutting-edge materials and device developers Nitres, Cree Research, and Agilent Technologies.
The co-founder and CEO of Transphorm, Umesh Mishra, also co-founded Nitres Inc.