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, saltpetre (salt′pēt′ĕr) [L. sal petrae, salt of rock]
A common name for potassium nitrate.
CAS # 7757-79-1

Chile saltpeter

A common name for sodium nitrate, NaNO3; a crystalline powder, saline in taste and soluble in water.
CAS # 7631-99-4
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In our study, the drugs used most frequently were perindopril (perin), nitrendipine (nitre), amlodipine (amlo), telmisartan (telmi), hydrochlorothiazide (hydro), rilmenidine, and nebivolol, which corresponds to the recommendations mentioned above.
The power of its fulmination is probably from this, that particles of gold are released by sulphur from the bonds of salt, its contrary, expedited by means of fire and as if broken free from prison to the point of vehemently leaping apart into the air with a loud report, in the same way as sulphur and nitre in that vulgar fulminating powder, detained by the fixed salt of tartar, then released by the heat of fire with no little explosion, dissipates in the winds.
Across: 1 Road hog; 5 Stardom; 16 Epitaph; 17 Isotherm; 18 Still Game; 19 Poser; 20 Ego; 21 Allowed; 22 Throat; 23 Steward; 25 Iranian; 26 Clean; 27 Dense; 29 Abrasion; 31 Gorilla; 33 Torrent; 35 Nitre; 37 Oppressed; 39 Eats; 41 Zoology; 44 Discern; 46 Implant; 48 Empire; 50 Trade-in; 51 Nostalgic; 53 Harmonious; 57 Elegantly; 59 Steadfast; 62 Eeyore; 64 Align; 65 Rangers; 67 Unequal; 68 Parapet; 70 Topless; 73 Alibi; 75 Armada; 78 Last straw; 81 Aborigine; 83 Preference; 86 Conundrum; 87 Adamant; 88 Argyll; 91 Prairie; 92 Lapwing; 94 Cryptic; 96 Ta-ta; 98 Fabricate; 100 Irene; 101 Between; 103 Lasagne; 106 Portugal; 107 Elder; 109 Geste; 111 Attach; 113 Reckons; 116 Stanza; 118 Neglect; 120 Run; 121 Parma; 122 Detriment; 123 Hebrides; 124 Abalone; 125 Extreme; 126 Sun lamp.
canlynol: "Cymorth i wella yr Influensa Rwsiaidd: Ammoniated tincture of quinine ' oz, Essence of peppermint - oz, Bromide of ammonium ' oz, Spirit of sweet nitre ' oz, Simple syrup made by boiling 1lb lump sugar in half pint of DIOLCH yn fawr iawn i J Ellis-Jones, Hen Golwyn am ei lythyr diddorol ac addysgiadol am bara gorig, ffisig sgwells a Gees Linctus.
Introduced around 1907, the .470 Nitre Express was one of several cartridges developed to replace the .450 NE.
In delicata chestiune nitre reglementare si autodisciplina nu este usor sa indicam cea mai buna solutie, aceasta fiind legata de prea multe variabile care merg de la mentalitatea diferita a consumatorului pana la schimbarile rapide in domeniul comertului.
For example, Roman nobles as early as 1550 cooled their wines in a mixture of nitre (potassium nitrate) and snow (Gamgee, 1877).
Beloved wife of the late Nitre, much loved mam of Betty and Tony, Allan and Nita.
Later she will describe herself in relation to the young woman as 'plus que nitre'.
Like Holmes and Watson, Jardine and Stewart adduce strong evidence to suggest, on the contrary, that Bacon had been in for some time, that he was a chronic physic-taker (or drug addict), and that he probably killed himself by the self-administration of inhaled nitre or opiates in a vain attempt to alleviate his suffering.
(9) The PS passage in question reads "nitre ca purve." From the commentaries we know that this sutra means that pratyutkrama of the type 2 to 1 (2 above the text, 1 within the text) also occurs in the first Janitra-chant, which Tarlekar specifies as "Uha Sam 365." By this he means that it appears as chant 365 of the Uhagana, in the samvatsara section.
While some of this area has been cleared there are still remnant area of Muehlenbeckia florulenta (lignum) with Chenopodium nitrariaceum (Nitre Goosefoot).