nitinol filter

ni·tin·ol fil·ter

a vena cava filter made with a metal that springs into shape when warmed to body heat by the blood after catheter insertion.
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Nitinol's medical applications owe their thanks to two milestone medical devices developed in the 1980s: Mitek's Homer Mammalok for breast tumor localization, and Nitinol Medical technologies' Simon Nitinol filter, designed to trap blood clots in the venous system.
The Simon Nitinol filter was FDA approved in 1970 and is made of a thermal memory alloy, which makes it pliable at room temperature prior to insertion and rigid at body temperature once in the cava.
The SpideRX Device features a unique nitinol filter to capture embolic debris.
Like its predecessor product, the SpideRX Device has a unique nitinol filter.
This device, mounted on a wire with a diameter of a small paperclip, carries a spring-loaded, braided nitinol filter with pores of 100 microns.
The SPIDER Device is a tiny nitinol filter designed to capture and remove plaque particles that may be dislodged during interventional procedures, such as angioplasty or stenting.
quarter; Simon Nitinol Filter had strongest quarter ever.
Revenue growth during the quarter was driven by continued significant increases in sales for the Simon Nitinol Filter, continued commercial success for the Symphony stent by our exclusive licensee, Boston Scientific Corporation, and further expansion of our customer base for the CardioSEAL Septal Occluder.
Continued increases in sales of the Simon Nitinol Filter by our distribution partner, C.