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National Immunization Program

an organizational component of the centers for disease control and prevention, charged with preventing disease, disability, and death from vaccine-preventable diseases in children and adults.
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Mary Boddy, an 81-year-old widow from Wolverhampton, started working for Lyons as a Nippy when she was 16.
The raccoon climbed from his bed and headed out, with Nippy and Zippy right behind.
The northeast monsoon or 'amihan' which is responsible for the nippy weather being felt in some parts of the country, will also bring light rain on Saturday, the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) said.
The 2GB of RAM is a bit stingy, but you do get 16GB of nippy SSD storage and 100GB of free Google Drive cloud storage.
At Aberdeen beach fundraisers braved icy waters in the Nippy Dipper swim to raise cash.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Silver Blaze (nap), 2.40 Da'Quonde, 3.10 Irish Jugger, 3.40 Punching, 4.10 Sound Amigo, 4.40 Ostentation, 5.10 Nippy Nikki.
THE clocks have gone back and we're into nippy November, so what could be nicer than coming home and curling up on the sofa in front of a welcoming fire.
It's a car best suited to town work, where its nippy nature, reasonably comfortable ride and easy parking make it just about perfect.
ONE of the amazing things about today's crop of city cars is that they can do the motorway trips as well as giving great economy and nippy performance around town.
Clinging to thoughts of late summer sun and balmy evenings, Morrisons have the Sandpiper Ros Reserve down from pounds 8.99 to pounds 4.99 and if the evenings do get a bit nippy, then snuggle up to the excellent, spicy Chilean red Casillero del Diablo Reserva Privada, an intense blend of cabernet sauvignon and syrah, down to pounds 6.99.
. LSJ is furious with a bus driver: "The nippy sweety might have been within her rights to force my wee grand-daughter to jump through hoops but is there not any room for common sense and compassion?"
He does struggle against nippy little forwards, and to give that little fella some credit, he's as busy as I've seen.