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National Immunization Program

an organizational component of the centers for disease control and prevention, charged with preventing disease, disability, and death from vaccine-preventable diseases in children and adults.
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Nipping exhibited highly significant differences for all the studied parameters including secondary branches plant-1, pods plant-1, seeds pod-1, 100-seed weight, biological yield plant-1 and seed yield plant-1.
Secondary branches per plant: Data presented for secondary branches plant-1 showed highly significant differences for genotypes, treatments (nipped and un-nipped) and genotype by nipping interaction (Table 2).
Pods per plant: Analysis of variance for pods plant-1 revealed highly significant differences for genotypes, treatments and genotype by nipping interaction (Table 2).
Seeds per pod: Data regarding seeds pod-1 manifested highly significant differences for genotypes and nipping, whereas non-significant genotype by nipping interaction (Table 2).
Keeping in view the vitality of chickpea crop in the cropping pattern of low water ecology and profitable crop for poverty stricken people as well as significance of nipping that could enhance yield, present research has been contemplated with the objectives: To estimate the effect and most appropriate method of nipping on yield of chickpea.
Nipping was done on four different crop growth stages viz.
Similarly, topping with spacing of 40 and 50 cm apart and nipping at ground level and 4" level produced statistically similar number of plants/plot.