nil orally

nil or·al·ly

(nil ōr'ă-lē)
Patient is not permitted to have anything by mouth.
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In immediate postoperative period, patients were kept nil orally and on intravenous alimentation.
The child was kept nil orally and on IV fluids for 5 days along with IV antibiotics and IV metronidazole.
13,14) We admitted all patients 48 hours prior to operation for bowel preparation and 5 days after operation to keep baby nil orally to avoid any bowel movement.
The patient was kept nil orally and monitored closely.
The patient was kept nil orally, accurate fluid balance maintained and we noticed rapid improvement from a septic to non-septic picture.
The patient's symptoms resolved following a day of conservative management consisting of nil orally and intravenous fluids following which he was started on a liquid diet.
ON ADMISSION: Patient was kept nil orally for 24 hours.
The patients were asked to stay nil orally for 6 hours before the start of the premedication.