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He had headaches, suffered fatigue and nausea, nightsweats and heart palpitations, had blurred vision and difficulty breathing and was blasted by a ringing in the ears the typical symptoms of the electrosensitive.
But a year later she began having nightsweats and feared an early menopause - common for women with MRKH.
Do your sinuses itch, little wolf, like boys in steaming ghettos beaming handsomely with sinister little dolls, racked, trembling with nightsweats, all the coloring books streaked with piss?
John's wort for relief from common menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, nightsweats, and psychological symptoms.
Symptoms include swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpit or groin and nightsweats or weight loss.
Royal Jelly, preferably in liquid form and Wild Yam will help, particularly if you are experiencing symptoms such as nightsweats, bloating, confusion, agitation or irritability.
The threat of nuclear war, which caused nightsweats and brought Christians and others to the barricades during the Cold War, has receded from our consciousness.
The narrative of AIDS itself, the narrative of the disease's progression, often overdetermined and rigidly codified: the contact with the forlorn but infectious blood or semen; the fevers and nightsweats and hacking coughs; the eventual diagnosis and the first appearance of stigmata; the gradual dimming, the wasting away.
In Phase II trials to date, the company has seen significant reduction in CFUs (colony forming units) as well as improvements in fevers, nightsweats, and rigors in some patients.