Night Owl

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A popular term for a person whose circadian period is longer than 24 hours, who wakes up before his/her peak hour of sleepiness
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Mazzy Snape, director of PR firm Bread Birmingham and promoter at the Night Owl, who organised this event, added: "We were over the moon when Tony agreed to play drums for one track."
Resident Night Owl DJs Andrew Marshall, Mazzy Snape, Lee Fisher, Sonny & Spare, Richard Bamber, Richard Buckley and Joel Webster will play soul, mod, rock & roll and more through the day and night from 4pm until late with disco and funk in the early hours of Sunday morning.
The researchers said that early birds had about one less case of breast cancer per 100 women than did night owls.
The research duo urged special treatment for night owls.
Melatonin supplements help the rise come earlier in night owls, who should also avoid bright light in the evening.
Night owls hit better in games starting after 2:00 p.m.
Under the acquisition agreement Night Owl Games will take on the sales, marketing and operations of Dungeon Overlord in addition to the company's ongoing development of the title.
Rorschach and Night Owl confront him about his plan and he reveals that he intends to trigger a bomb that will cause a nuclear war to break out between the United States and the Soviet Union.
Differences between an individual's performance extremes varied by almost 6 seconds and proved independent of whether the swimmer initially had been an early bird or a night owl, according to his or her previous sleep schedule, Youngstedt notes.
The crews that took part in Patriot Night Owl spent a great deal of time working on tactical formation maneuvering, a set of standardized procedures for flying low-level routes and reacting to course changes and threats.
The desperate parents of Cutie LaRue, a child who never sleeps, invest in a special talking toy named Night Owl, "guaranteed to put a kid out till dawn." When the little girl discovers that the owl will only sing in the Dreamland Nightclub, she happily follows him there where the Slumber Brothers and the Sand man also perform.