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nigella (nī·jelˑ·),

n Latin name:
Nigella sativa; part used: seeds; uses: carminative, stimulant, diuretic, skin eruption treatment, scorpion stings, intestinal worms in children, breast milk, insect repellent, eruption fever, puerperium, liver disease, cancer, joints, bronchial asthma, eczema, rheumatism, cough and colic, excitant, immune system support, colds; precautions: none known. Also called
small fennel, black cumin.
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On Monday night's BBC2 show, Nigella told viewers: "I am unapologetically urban, but this year I have felt the call of the wild.
cash in the pan Nigella Lawson at Dubray Books in Dublin yesterday
Centred on a lazy Sunday, Nigella delights in a moment of pure bliss as she curls up on the sofa with an enticing quality cup of Typhoo tea and an indulgent slice of chocolate cake.
Monday's hour-long festive special follows that familiar and successful theme, as Nigella shares her guide to stress-free festive cooking and easy entertaining.
In my opinion, instead of still pushing the "isn't my life marvellous" schtick, Nigella should've gone down an edgier route, something like Nigella in Amsterdam, making fuss-free space cakes for the stoner with a busy schedule.
Nigella was snapped eating and drinking wine with Friedman at Taberna do Mercado in Spitalfields Market, East Pair dine out London, last week.
11 Nigella sativa (NS) a dicotyledon of Ranunculaceae family is a herb that have been traditionally utilized for centuries in the Middle East Northern Africa and India for the cure of a variety of diseases.
Grillo replied: "Well if Nigella let the children smoke weed.
Nigella has also enjoyed smash-hit television shows, including Nigella Bites.
Cue Nigella [to camera, full lips, eyelashes aflutter]: "Shouldn't that be putting the Louboutins in?
Nigella will be rustling up a fast supper from Asia, a teatime treat and lone indulgence from Italy and fabulous finger food from Spain.
Her first public foray into cooking came on Nigel Slater's Real Food Show, after which she was snapped up to front two series of Nigella Bites and one run of Forever Summer with Nigella for Channel 4.