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nigella (nī·jelˑ·),

n Latin name:
Nigella sativa; part used: seeds; uses: carminative, stimulant, diuretic, skin eruption treatment, scorpion stings, intestinal worms in children, breast milk, insect repellent, eruption fever, puerperium, liver disease, cancer, joints, bronchial asthma, eczema, rheumatism, cough and colic, excitant, immune system support, colds; precautions: none known. Also called
small fennel, black cumin.
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It's taken you all of three minutes to finish your "meal" so now all you have to do is listen to Nigella spout on about how much food means to her.
In this opener, Nigella whips up a Thai noodle dish, lamb ribs and apricot almond cake.
Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts student Matthew Kilty rushed back from a job interview to meet Nigella.
She will return for a new BBC2 series, Simply Nigella, later this year, her first on the channel since 2012's Nigellissima.
The court had previously heard how Nigella was given a Mother's Day card with a spliff in it.
Nigella entered a state of quasi-sexual excitement as she told us about her walk-in store cupboard.
Nigella says: "The kitchen for me is the most important place in the house and in life.
The Domestic Goddess became required viewing on Channel 4 following the launch of Nigella Bites in 2001.
The Nigella sativa seeds were powdered mechanically.
Lov-in-a-mist has a botanical name, Nigella damascena (pronounced Ni-JELL-uh dam-a-SEE-nuh), which hints at its characteristics and its origins.
Nigella Lawson will write a column for The New York Times's Dining In/Dining Out section in alternate weeks starting on Sept.
NIGELLA Lawson's US cookery show The Taste has been axed following a dramatic slump in viewing figures.