A glycoprotein that binds to laminin and type IV collagen in the basal lamina of the renal glomerulus and is a major cell attachment factor; entactin is a sulfated calcium-binding protein.
Synonym(s): nidogen
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Hyaluronic acid, laminin, fibronectin, merosin, tenascin, and nidogen are the main glycoproteins involved in liver functions (3).
Vertebrate laminin, nidogen, and heparan sulfate were present in many molluscan basement membranes.
Shah, "Meprin A, the major matrix degrading enzyme in renal tubules, produces a novel nidogen fragment in vitro and in vivo" Kidney International, vol.
In the first attempts to create a feeder-free culture system, Matrigel which is a protein mixture derived from mouse sarcoma cells, containing laminin (LN) 111, type IV collagen, perlecan, and nidogen, as well as several unknown components and growth factors, was used [12].
It is made mostly of collagen type IV and glycoproteins, such as laminin and nidogen. Degradation of ECM components occurs with the contribution of extracellular matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).
The basement membrane, however, may also play a beneficial role, as wound healing is impaired in mice lacking the basement membrane component nidogen 1 [92].
It was demonstrated that neural progenitors (NPs) derived from hEnSCs can express correlative markers such as Pax6, Nidogen, and Sox1 and it might experience pluripotency differentiation to neuroglial and neurons.
Among them, laminin consisting of a, P, and y chains as a heterotrimer (Ooba et al., 2008) play an important role in constructing STBM by constituting networks independently (Ooba et al., 2008) or with collagen IV via nidogen and perlecan (Ooba et al., 2008).
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NID2 is homologous to another member of the nidogen family, NID1, and both are found in all basement membranes (BMs) [50].
ECM consists of type IV collagen, laminin, heparan sulfate proteoglycan, nidogen, and fibronectin (Nakajima et al.