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Relating to a nidus, or nest.


Relating to a nidus, or nest.


(ni'dus) plural.nidi [L., nest]
1. A nestlike structure.
2. Focus of infection.
3. A nucleus or origin of a nerve. nidal (ni'dal), adjective

nidus avis cerebelli

A deep sulcus on each side of the inferior vermis, separating it from the adjacent lobes of the hemispheres.

nidus hirundinis

Cerebral depression between the uvula and the posterior velum. Synonym: swallow's nest
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His real name was Sabri al-Banna, but he became widely known by his nom de guerre, Abu Nidal. He was a fierce foe of Arafat and anyone who might seek accommodation with Israel.
Titled "Tawlifet Nidal" (roughly "Nidal's Medley"), the play showcased "a bunch of stories from Nidal's life that no one knows about - situations and fights she went through," explained the play's director and LAU alumnus Awad Awad.
IOF proceed to arrest Nidal's son, Mohammad in the same manner as he was taken by a group of soldiers while he was resisting the arrest.
The researchers are Dr Charbel Abi Khalil, assistant professor of genetic medicine at WCM-Q, Dr Nidal Assad, chairman of HMC's Heart Hospital, and Dr Jassim al-Suwaidi, senior consultant cardiologist at HMC and the head of research at the heart hospital.
In February, Dubai's Cassation Court rejected the appeal lodged by the Jordanian convict, Nidal Eisa Abdullah, 48, and upheld his death sentence given by lower courts.
EG Bank CEO and Managing Director Nidal Assar said, "We are honored and appreciative of the cooperation with EBRD that aims at fostering our trade finance business, fulfilling the needs of our clients, and giving us the opportunity to expand our investments in major, lucrative markets."
Khalid Suleiman, Nidal's brother, said that when he confirmed Israeli forces' intention to detain him, Nidal declared that he would start a hunger strike alongside some 1,600 prisoners on their 19th day of mass hunger strike.
Abdul-Salam and Nidal were detained three years ago and sentenced to life terms plus 20 years reportedly for the attempted kidnapping of an Israeli soldier to secure release of their brother, Noureddin.
The MoU was signed at a ceremony at GE's Crotonville facilities by Nidal Ghizawi, director of the GE Saudi Technology & Innovation Center, and Bader Al-Asaker, secretary general of MiSK Foundation.
For his side, the BDB's CEO Nidal Al Aujan expressed pride in signing this effective agreement with the Bank's strategic partners -- the Supreme Council of Women and Tamkeen -- aimed to support and finance Bahraini women's commercial activities and projects whereby the Bank will provide them with Sharia-compliant easy-term financing to encourage Bahraini women to invest in new economic and commercial activities or to develop existing activities and projects.
Wright and Nidal Hilal are faculty member of Swansea University, Wales.
Avaya has appointed Nidal Abou-Ltaif as president of its newly created Global Growth Markets sales theatre.