nicotinamide mononucleotide

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nic·o·tin·a·mide mon·o·nu·cle·o·tide (NMN),

(nik'ā-tin'ă-mīd mon'ō-nū'klē-ō-tīd),
A condensation product of nicotinamide and ribose 5-phosphate, linking the N of nicotinamide to the (β) C-1 of the ribose; in NAD+, the ring is linked by the 5'-phosphoryl residue of the ribose moiety to the 5'-phosphoryl residue of AMP; a precursor in the synthesis of NAD+.
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nic·o·tin·a·mide mon·o·nu·cle·o·tide

(NMN) (nik'ō-tin'ă-mīd mon'ō-nū'klē-ō-tīd)
A condensation product of nicotinamide and ribose 5-phosphate, a precursor in the synthesis of NAD+.
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