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He pulls out a pack of Bambu, a nickel bag from his pocket and starts rolling a joint.
To prison, not rehab, any of you who've so much as looked hopefully at a nickel bag of weed
Felons get three strikes before the jailhouse door is locked for good on them, and even this policy has prompted second thoughts about its justice or its effectiveness when the key is tossed away on a young man caught with a nickel bag of marijuana in his pocket.
The faster, cheaper, bigger hard drive is the nickel bag of the user community.
That nickel bag HD feels too good when you have another 40-80GB of capacity to use.
Bush is really committed to letting you spend your money as you see fit (Think about that the next time you buy a nickel bag of pot.
Hitchcock on Hitchcock is a journeyman compendium of articles attributed to Hitchcock, that will serve if you're desperate, but its main effect on me was something like the annoyance I'd felt back in high school when, after buying what I'd thought was a nickel bag of pot, I realized I'd been dealt a Baggie of parsley.
The top-quality beef used in Perky Jerky, along with its peppery bite and guarana flavor have earned it an instant cult following of jerks that prefer to get their boost from a high-protein, low-carb nickel bag of Perky Jerky, rather than a sugary energy drink or another cup of coffee.
That line, to me that was the whole movie: "If a nickel bag gets sold in the park, I want half.
He's not gonna sit there and have a moral conversation with the cat who's looking to buy a nickel bag.
Nevertheless, if you spend a day in court you would think that the biggest crime problem in Florida is 18-year-old African-American males selling nickel bags of pot.