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The park also offers to take pictures of the moment when fish spa clients first experience the fish and the tickling sensation brought about by the nibbling.
Zhang, of Shenyang, who had tried everything under the heaven to wake his wife from playing music, speaking to her, tickling her, finally woke her up by nibbling on her toes.
Crack cocaine addicts on Teesside are nibbling their way through Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds to beat their crippling habits.
The sexy young actress was out in London for a shopping stint with boyfriend Jamie Dornan, when they stopped off at a cashpoint - where Keira couldn't stop nibbling Jamie's ear as he withdrew money.
The 33-ton hydraulic turret punch presses hit speeds in nibbling reach 900 hpm and 400 hpm on 1" centers.
In fact, some studies suggest that the habit of nibbling small portions all day long--or grazing--is replacing the traditional daily three square meals.
Genetically engineered microbes that produce thermoplastic polymers by fermenting cornstarch or sugar are going to start nibbling away at hydrocarbon-based resins more quickly than is generally expected.
We've already had the obligatory food scandal - naughty Clarence Black of the Boran (rhymes with ``moron'') tribe was caught nibbling a surplus cherry, not to mention spilling some beans earmarked for the whole tribe.
That means a lot of Oreo twisting, dunking, and nibbling has been going on throughout America.
Seals affected by extrusion and nibbling appear as if many small bites have been taken from the o-ring on the downstream or low pressure side.
David Kerr, Vice President of the Global Wireless Practice, notes "As the European market evolves from monochrome to color, from SMS to MMS and from camera phones to camcorder phones, smaller players have been faster to innovate and have been nibbling away at Nokia's market share.
Most teenagers go through a trend of giving love bites, and many adults get enjoyment from nibbling and biting their partner during foreplay.