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An acute or chronic disease of cattle, dogs, pigs, horses, sheep, and goats in sub-Saharan Africa; marked by fever, anemia, and cachexia, varying in severity with the parasite and the host. A collective term for diseases caused by the protozoan parasites Trypanosoma brucei brucei, T. congolense, and T. vivax.




An often fatal disease of domestic animals in sub-Saharan Africa, caused by various trypanosomes transmitted by tsetse flies and characterized by fever, anemia, and emaciation.


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While Jelloun's story offers a somewhat positive resolution to the encounter between Italians and Africans, even if narrated against the background of the killing of Masslo, the poems of Ndjock Ngana Yogo Ndjock and Chidi Christian Uzoma, long-time residents of Italy who migrated from Cameroun and Nigeria respectively, offer a much more critical stance.
2 square kilometre Ngana West lease importantly provides the firm with access to all known coal resources in the Ngana Coalfield.
For this people of Mali, to identify and identify with a hero, a ngana or ngana mine ngana [hero of heroes], is no less than a matter of psychological survival", writes Sidibe (2012).
Mu lumele lika kaufela zeni eza, sihulu bale ba bakwaluhile hanyinyani ngana, butata cwale bu fumaneha fa kulika kucinca mihupulo yabani baba hupulela fa kaufi.
Ngana, a girl, and Jerome would need to be of a playing age of between seven and 11 years, black, mixed-raced Caucasian/black or similar dark skin tone, with some singing and movement skills.
Producers also want to find a girl to play Bloody Mary's native helper, who would have the same skills and appearance as, and understudy both the roles of, Ngana and Jerome.
I knew that we had several children who would be perfect for the roles of Ngana and Jerome, and that's just what happened.
The 12-year-old, who attends Stagecoach Theatre School, is playing young French girl Ngana in the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, which is currently on national tour.
William Harbison Scan Cullen Stewpot Victor Hawks Jerome Luka Kain Liat Li Jun Li Ngana Laurissa Romain Capt.
She likened her husband's comfortable compound of red brick houses in Ngana village to a penitentiary.
Dingamtoudji Ngana Esaie, First Vice President, Chadian Association of Family Wellbeing (ASTBEF)
MAIN TITLE Performed by Orchestra THERE IS NOTHIN' LIKE A DAME Performed by Luther Billis (Robert Pastorelli) and the Enlisted Men on the base A COCK-EYED OPTIMIST Performed by Nellie Forbush (Glenn Close) BLOODY MARY Performed by Enlisted Men on the beach BALI HA'I Performed by Bloody Mary (Lori Tan Chinn) TWIN SOLILOQUIES Performed by Nellie (Glenn Close), Emile De Becque (Rade Sherbedgia) SOME ENCHANTED EVENING Performed by Emile (Rade Sherbedgia) DITES-MOI Performed by Jerome (Ketiwar Vendegou), Ngana (Copa Vendegou), Emile (Rade Sherbedgia) YOUNGER THAN SPRINGTIME Performed by Cable (Harry Connick, Jr.