newtonian fluid

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new·to·ni·an flu·id

a fluid in which flow and rate of shear are always proportional to the applied stress; such fluid precisely obeys Poiseuille law. Compare: nonnewtonian fluid.
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Sir Isaac, English physicist, 1642-1727.
newton - derived unit of force in the SI system.
Newton disk - a disk on which there are seven colored sectors, which, when rapidly rotated, appear white.
Newton law - the attractive force between any two bodies is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers. Synonym(s): law of gravitation
Newton rings - colored rings on thin surfaces.
newtonian aberration - the difference in focus or magnification of an image arising because of a difference in the refraction of different wavelengths composing white light. Synonym(s): chromatic aberration
newtonian constant of gravitation - a universal constant relating the gravitational force, attracting two masses toward each other when they are separated by a distance.
newtonian flow - the type of flow characteristic of a newtonian fluid.
newtonian fluid - a fluid in which flow and rate of shear are always proportional to the applied stress.
newtonian viscosity - the viscosity characteristics of a newtonian fluid.
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where the functions f(z) and g(z) represent the translational velocity components belonging to the steady flow of a Newtonian fluid between eccentric rotating porous disks in the presence of a magnetic field.
From the past related studies, we found that most experiments on long bubbles are focused on the bubble contour and the use of runner of round straight tube to observe the bubbles change of the Newtonian fluid, compared with no change in the development of flow path of other shapes.
When the fluid is shear-thinning (i.e., n < 1.0), the deformation is smaller compared to the Newtonian fluid case (n = 1.0), while the deformation is larger compared to the Newtonian fluid case for the shear-thickening fluid; that is, n > 1.0.
Food grade mineral oil (FG WO 35 White Mineral Oil, Petro-Canada) is selected as the Newtonian fluid, and 0.75% solution of polyethylene oxide (POLYOX WSR-301, Dow Chemical) with the molecular weight of 4,000,000 has been chosen as the non-Newtonian fluid for the wall effects study.
It was determined that perlite suspensions remain Newtonian fluids up to 40% of volumetric concentration.
This characteristic is different from Newtonian fluid whose viscosity is always constant.
As stated earlier, the value of [S.sub.2] for loading under a Newtonian fluid was found to be half of the unloaded resonant frequency.
For Newtonian fluid with constant viscosity, the shear strain rate is directly proportional to the velocity flow.
and Prabhakara Rao, G., 2011, MHD peristaltic flow of a Newtonian fluid through a porous medium in an asymmetric vertical channel with heat transfer, International Journal of Science and Advanced Technology, 1(3), pp.
If n is 1, then the fluid is Newtonian fluid. The value more than 1 will correspond when the fluid is shear thickening fluid.
Exact solutions of non- Newtonian fluid flows with prescribed vorticity, Acta Mechanica.