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 (N) [noo´ton]
the SI unit of force, being that when applied in a vacuum to a body having a mass of 1 kilogram accelerates it at the rate of 1 meter per second squared.
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new·ton (N),

Derived unit of force in the SI, expressed as meters-kilograms per second squared (m·kg s-2); equivalent to 105 dynes in the CGS system.
[Isaac Newton]
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Derived unit of force in the SI system, expressed as meters-kilograms per second squared (m·kg·s-2); equivalent to 105 dynes in the CGS system.
[Sir Isaac Newton]
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The unit of force required to accelerate a mass of 1 kg by 1 m per second per second. 1 N is equal to 100 000 dynes. (Sir Isaac Newton, 1642–1727, English mathematician, alchemist and physicist).
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Sir Isaac, English physicist, 1642-1727.
newton - derived unit of force in the SI system.
Newton disk - a disk on which there are seven colored sectors, which, when rapidly rotated, appear white.
Newton law - the attractive force between any two bodies is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers. Synonym(s): law of gravitation
Newton rings - colored rings on thin surfaces.
newtonian aberration - the difference in focus or magnification of an image arising because of a difference in the refraction of different wavelengths composing white light. Synonym(s): chromatic aberration
newtonian constant of gravitation - a universal constant relating the gravitational force, attracting two masses toward each other when they are separated by a distance.
newtonian flow - the type of flow characteristic of a newtonian fluid.
newtonian fluid - a fluid in which flow and rate of shear are always proportional to the applied stress.
newtonian viscosity - the viscosity characteristics of a newtonian fluid.
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