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1. recently born; called also neonatal.
postmature newborn (post-term newborn) post-term infant.
premature newborn (preterm newborn) preterm infant.
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Relating to the period immediately succeeding birth and continuing through the first 28 days of extrauterine life.
Synonym(s): newborn
[neo- + L. natalis, relating to birth]
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(no͞o′bôrn′, nyo͞o′-)
Very recently born: a newborn baby.
A neonate.
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Relating to the period immediately succeeding birth and continuing through the first 28 days of life.
Synonym(s): newborn.
[neo- + L. natalis, relating to birth]


A newborn infant.
Synonym(s): newborn.
[neo- + L. natus, born, fr. nascor, to be born]
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Q. Should I vaccinate my newborn against Hepatitis B? I am 9 months pregnant and am expecting to give birth anytime soon. I understood that my newborn will receive a vaccine against Hepatitis B in the hospital. Why is this so?

A. because this is bullshit! Hey! Wake up! the lymph system of your baby will only be "ready and finished" after three years! so how should your baby manage a toxic vaccination? do you know what they put in the vaccination? they put hepatitis B pathogens/virus with the hope that your baby will be able to build an anti-hepatitis B pathogen and so manage itself in the future hepatitis B! how should your baby do that, when his lymph-system just started to develop itself and will only be ready in three years? please read in the links i send to you:

before you would like to go on with any vaccination, you should check out this very long list of links:

at the bottom you will also find links in english. vaccinations in general are very disputable/dubious and it is probably time that we learn about it.

Q. Is there a bigger risk of autism for the newborn in twin pregnancy?

A. thanks Dominicus!
you're great...

Q. I gave birth a short while ago, and since then I just can't stand my husband. is that normal? It's very strange, because we used to be such a great couple but since the baby came into our lives, I am tired all the time, and basicaaly every thing he does gets me so annoyed. Could it be the hormones? will we get back to how we used to? (This is a great site - I feel I can finally ask questions I was too ashamed to ask my family and friends :)

A. you are tiered. it's normal. if you get more then 2 hours a night sleep you are lucky. when i'm tired i am annoyed. very natural. you can add the hormones- and you get couple of weeks of wife was unbearable after birth.

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The Asia-Pacific newborn screening market is the leading market globally, with the highest CAGR.
Exclusion criteria for newborns included the presence of the following: congenital malformation or disease, metabolic disease, small for gestational age (SGA), prematurity, twin neonates, use of antibiotic therapy at admission, and age above 28 days.
He said, the hospital's programme that screens newborn babies for deafness is to be extended to the community to ensure such defects are detected early and prevented from affecting these children's academic development later in life.
Progress on newborn health care is a win-win situation as it saves lives and is critical for early child development thus impacting on families, society, and future generations, said the report compilers.
* Premature Infant Pain Profile (PIPP)-used to assess the procedural pain premature newborns and postoperative pain in full-term newborns;
However, the number of newborn deaths is still unacceptably high and continued efforts are imperative to save lives.
UNICEF emphasises that the reduction in premature births and newborn deaths can be achieved by strengthening health policies and services with a focus on maternal nutrition as well as improving access and care for mothers and newborns.
During nursing consultations, nurses routinely performed an interview with parents to obtain data of sociodemographic characteristics, health status, and parent's concerns about the newborn. Parents were asked if they had any concern about the newborn, and if so, what would be that concern.
Joanne Newborn offers clients a variety of coaching channels, (Group Coaching, Private Coaching, Live Seminars, and On-Line Courses) because the mind receives and processes information in various ways - some channels may resonate more strongly with clients than others.
The advocates urged the committee to approve $20.6 million in funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Newborn Screening Quality Assurance Program, which funds state laboratories as they develop and evaluate testing methods for new conditions and update critical infrastructure.
According to witnesses, it was a busy night at the maternity wing as clients brought in mothers in labour when the flames broke out.Kilimani police boss Michael Muchiri confirmed the incident, saying 16 newborns were in the incubator at the time.