new physician

new physician

A term of art defined by the American Academy of Family Physicians as a doctor during the first 7 years of post-training practice.
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new physician

Medtalk A physician during the first 7 yrs of practice. Cf Good laboratory practice.
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Q. What is a physician assistant? What are the differences betwwen it and MD? My son want to be a doctor (MD). I think it might be to hard for him. I know that there is something called physician assistant can someone elaborate more about this profession?

A. physician assistant are just like full doctors except they need a MD to sign some of the forms they have.
You can see more about the academic program here

Q. How can I know that my doctor is good? You must check and test your doctor. How do i check or test my doctor? I will tell you here...

A. so doctor, what do you recommend me to do. which choices do i have? hm, what i know is, that if you continue straight away we will crash in this ice-berg. you as captian, you will have to sink with your boat, because this is a question of your honour. me as your doctor i will look that i can take an emergency boat to save my life and help somebody else. so doctor, what can we do. your doctor can then say: you have to make a maneuvre. you can't for sure go on like this on you way (life/habit). so he/she should be able to explain you how to deal with the engines, the sails, whatever to avoid the crash. if he/she has no idea, change your doctor, if he/she tells you to need more help about it, find out together, he/she is at least honest - so give her/him a chance to grow with you. i have the hope that i could reach you with these explanations.

Q. Doctor with cancer Hi, My dad, 78 years old former doctor was diagnosed with lung cancer after he had suspicion about it for some time. According to the surgeon it’s stage I so the operation has good chance to succeed. However, my dad is always worried about the future- because he knows about this disease, he’s very afraid about things like pain and disability that may come in the future. It’s like for him the knowledge is a curse. Anyone else in the same situation?

A. HI; your father knows what the out comes of these operations are because he is a DR,I have asthma, whenever i get a cold or an attack, i allways think of the worst of having this disease--because i am also a respiratory therapist--it is normal for your father to feel like this--mrfoot56

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