new mutation

new mu·ta·tion

redundant term for a heritable trait present in the offspring but in neither parent, that is, not a preexisting mutant form inherited.
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He said swine flu usually affects only pigs but a new mutation of the virus appeared in the United States in March 2009 and spread to humans.
The researchers estimate that each sun-exposed skin cell accumulated on average a new mutation in its genome for nearly every day of life.
Today the only hook seems to be more frequent phone upgrades, and it's big news every time Apple decides to offer a new mutation of its iPhone.
However, RNA analysis on two samples detected in Suwaiq revealed that they do not belong to any of the seven identified strains of tristeza virus, but suggest an entirely new mutation reported for the first time from Oman.
In Iraq, the last political conflict recovery phase power, but the performance of the economy in 2012 BC is the beginning of a new mutation, with a total growth rate of 9%.
Cellies" tells the story of a new mutation of humanity, leaving them with superhuman abilities.
5 chance of being defined severity of hemophilia B when a new mutation is found in coagulation factor IX.
As with any new mutation of a virus, there are bound to be deaths but they have stayed in Mexico.
Part of the blame for the growing rate of infections in the Midlands has been placed on a new mutation of the C Diff bacteria, which is believed to have originated in Canada, called the 027 strain.
Lung cancer patients who have acquired gene mutations associated with resistance to tyrosine kinase inhibitors such as Iressa or Tarceva can be identified far more accurately using a new mutation test kit from DxS.
Screening for the new mutation is likely to be a component of genetic testing for Parkinson's, the second most common neurodegenerative disease, in the near future.
One is a new mutation, a 1w, side- emitting LED that provides a strong, focused beam to rival that of halogen or xenon bulbs and yet runs for 25 hours on three AA cells.