new mutation

new mu·ta·tion

redundant term for a heritable trait present in the offspring but in neither parent, that is, not a preexisting mutant form inherited.
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You adapt to new mutations, but it is a very slow process, a new mutation has to survive and spread.
Matthew Ellis and others carried out a molecular characterization of breast cancer tumors, they found a new mutation in HER2 that was different from gene amplification but also resulted in tyrosine kinase being constantly activated.
In this presentation we would like to share our experience about two case diagnosed with a new mutation
A new mutation in the POU3F4 gene in a Japanese family with X-linked mixed deafness (DFN3).
Here, we demonstrated a new mutation in this gene, which is segregated in a family with several members suffering from congenital myotonia.
He said swine flu usually affects only pigs but a new mutation of the virus appeared in the United States in March 2009 and spread to humans.
Cristofanilli ordered two blood tests, which returned the same result: there was a new mutation in a gene called PIK3CA that he believed was making Fletcher's cancer cells resistant to Herceptin, the drug she had been taking.
However, most did not know important facts about these conditions, including their inheritance pattern, the new mutation rate, and the value of genetic testing for at-risk relatives.
Parents of achondroplasic child resulting from a new mutation are of normal height and chances of having second child affected is <1%.
Today the only hook seems to be more frequent phone upgrades, and it's big news every time Apple decides to offer a new mutation of its iPhone.
In Iraq, the last political conflict recovery phase power, but the performance of the economy in 2012 BC is the beginning of a new mutation, with a total growth rate of 9%.
Cellies" tells the story of a new mutation of humanity, leaving them with superhuman abilities.