new mutation

new mu·ta·tion

redundant term for a heritable trait present in the offspring but in neither parent, that is, not a preexisting mutant form inherited.
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Summary: Miniseries follows a team of 1980s scientists who discover a new mutation of the virus
A new mutation in the gene for lysosomal acid lipase leads to Wolman disease in an African kindred.
Citing the practice being followed by revenue staff in Gujrat, the ADC wrote that since the SCOs would not go to examine the site before issuance of ownership document to any applicant or while inserting any new mutation, the sale-purchase deed at the registration branches could not be entertained until the performa bearing the patwari report on the site, location and condition of the property was not attached with it.
A potential new mutation in exon 8 of FGFR2 located on chromosome 10q26 was only identified in this patient, which results in coding changes that cytosine is replaced with guanine in nitrogen bases and cysteine is substituted with serine in protein formation.
The story concerns three young doctors who are sent to a remote village in the Pantanal, an immense region of tropical wetland the size of Nebraska, to vaccinate residents against a new mutation of the Zika virus.
A novel subtype of brachdactyly (BDB2) is identified as a consequence of new mutation in NOG genes.
Matthew Ellis and others carried out a molecular characterization of breast cancer tumors, they found a new mutation in HER2 that was different from gene amplification but also resulted in tyrosine kinase being constantly activated.
Firstly, an improved version of the AFWA (I-AFWA) is developed by combining the standard AFWA (S-AFWA) with a new mutation strategy.
The New Mutation, E46K, of ?-Synuclein Causes Parkinson and Lewy Body Dementia.
In this presentation we would like to share our experience about two case diagnosed with a new mutation
Here, we demonstrated a new mutation in this gene, which is segregated in a family with several members suffering from congenital myotonia.
"The vaccination process started in September at the beginning of autumn which is the peak season for infection because of changing weather." He said swine flu usually affects only pigs but a new mutation of the virus appeared in the United States in March 2009 and spread to humans.