new growth

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An abnormal tissue that grows by cellular proliferation more rapidly than normal and continues to grow after the stimuli that initiated the new growth cease. Neoplasms show partial or complete lack of structural organization and functional coordination with the normal tissue, and usually form a distinct mass of tissue that may be either benign (benign tumor) or malignant (cancer).
Synonym(s): new growth, tumor (2)
[neo- + G. plasma, thing formed]
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new growth

A term often used by clinicians when discussing cancer with patients, which translates as either a primary neoplasm (one that is newly discovered and potentially malignant) or secondary (i.e., one that appears after what was thought to be adequate treatment, either locally or at a distance—metastatic—from the primary site).
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Patient discussion about new growth

Q. does the growth hormone have side effects and what are they?

A. Yes, it does, and not a few. They include, among others, pain in the joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, pain at the injection site, problems with the thyroid gland, ear problems and many others. You may read more about side effects of growth hormone treatment (called Mecasermin or Somatropin) here:

Q. Is nutrition vital for healthy hair growth? I am engaged to a girl 3 months back and our marriage is on coming month. I was above heavens when my girl told me that I am handsome. Now I am afraid whether she will hate me soon bcoz, for the past few days I have had drastic hair fall. I feel to be taking less nutrition diet. Is nutrition vital for healthy hair growth? I have dreamt my life with that beautiful angel and never want to lose on that. She can definitely add face value to my happy life. Please guide me to marry my beautiful girl.


Q. I have a heavy growth of thin hair on my face and neck area. What can I do? I have a heavy growth of thin hair on my face and neck area. I did wax couple of times but found a thick growth of chin hair which was difficult to get rid. I did try to pluck but found that it grows back immediately within a day. I do not like to use electro hair removing. What can I do?

A. i saw couple of women that bleach their facial hair...maybe that would work?

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You can even leave them unpruned and then hard prune them every three to four years in late winter, cutting them back to around 50cm (1.5ft) and retraining the new growth.
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