nevus venosus

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ne·vus ve·no·'sus

a nevus formed of a patch of dilated venules.
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(ne'vus) (ne'vi?) plural.nevi [L. naevus, birthmark]
1. A congenital discoloration of a circumscribed area of the skin due to pigmentation. Synonym: birthmark; mole
2. A circumscribed vascular tumor of the skin, usually congenital, due to hyperplasia of the blood vessels. See: angioma

nevus anemicus

A patch of pale skin in which blood vessels are narrowed or contracted and blood flow is locally limited.

nevus araneus

Spider angioma.

blue nevus

A dark blue nevus covered by smooth skin. It is composed of melanin-pigmented spindle cells in the mid-dermis.

blue rubber bleb nevus

An erectile, easily compressible, bluish, cavernous hemangioma present in the skin and gastrointestinal tract.

capillary nevus

A nevus of dilated capillary vessels elevated above the skin. It is usually treated by ligature and excision.

nevus comedonicus

A horny nevus that contains a hard plug of keratin. It is caused by failure of the pilosebaceous follicles to develop normally.

compound nevus

A cluster of melanocytes found in both the epidermis and the dermis.

connective tissue nevus

A nevus composed of collagenous tissue.

cutaneous nevus

A nevus formation on the skin.

dysplastic nevus

A nevus composed of cells having some malignant characteristics.

eclipse nevus

A benign nevus often found on the scalp, having a pale or tan center enclosed within a darker encircling rim.

epidermal nevus

Raised nevi present at birth. They may be hyperkeratotic and widely distributed.

faun tail nevus

In newborns, a tuft of hair over the lower spinal column. It may be associated with spina bifida occulta.
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nevus flammeus

A large reddish-purple nevus of the face or neck, usually not elevated above the skin. It is considered a serious deformity due to its large size and color. In children, these have been treated with the flashlamp-pulsed tunable dye laser.
Synonym: port-wine mark; port-wine stain See: illustration

hairy nevus

A nevus covered by a heavy growth of hair. It is usually darkly pigmented.

halo nevus

A papular brown nevus with an oval halo occurring in the first three decades of life. This type of nevus is usually benign but should be evaluated for malignancy.

intradermal nevus

A nevus in which the melanocytes are found in nests in the dermis and have no connection with the deeper layers from which they were formed.

Ito nevus

See: Ito nevus
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junctional nevus

A nevus in the basal cell zone at the junction of the epidermis and dermis. It is slightly raised, pigmented, and does not contain hair. This type of nevus may become malignant. See: illustration

nevus lipomatous

A tumor composed of fatty connective tissue. It is probably a degenerated nevus containing numerous blood vessels.
Synonym: nevolipoma

melanocytic nevus

Any nevus that contains melanocytes.

nevocytic nevus

A common mole. Moles may appear at any age. They are classified according to their stage of growth and whether or not they are still growing.

Ota nevus

See: Ota nevus

pigmented nevus

A congenital nevus varying in color from light yellow to black. Intradermal or nevocytic nevi are benign. Other types of nevi may become malignant. Synonym: nevus pigmentosus


Malignant or suspicious lesions should be treated by wide surgical excision. Benign lesions do not require treatment except when located at sites of friction causing bleeding or ulceration. Some nevi are removed for cosmetic reasons.

nevus pigmentosus

pigmented nevus.

sebaceous nevus

nevus sebaceus.

nevus sebaceus

An epidermal nevus containing sebaceous gland tissue.
Synonym: sebaceous nevus

spider nevus

Spider angioma.illustration

nevus spilus

A pigmented nevus with a smooth, unraised surface.

nevus spongiosus albus mucosae

White sponge nevus.

strawberry nevus

1. Vascular nevus.
2. Infantile hemangioma.

telangiectatic nevus

A nevus containing dilated capillaries.

nevus unius lateris

A congenital nevus that occurs in streaks or linear bands on one side of the body. It usually occurs between the neurotomes of the lumbar or sacral area.

vascular nevus

A nevus in which superficial blood vessels are enlarged. Nevi of this type are usually congenital. They are of variable size and shape, slightly elevated, and red or purple in color. They generally appear on the face, head, neck, and arms, though no region is exempt. The nevi usually disappear spontaneously, but wrinkling, pigmentation, and scarring are sometimes seen.
Synonym: strawberry nevus (1); nevus vascularis

nevus vascularis

Vascular nevus.

nevus venosus

Venous nevus.

venous nevus

A nevus formed of dilated venules.
Synonym: nevus venosus

verrucous nevus

A nevus with a raised, wartlike surface.
Synonym: nevus verrucosus

nevus verrucosus

Verrucous nevus.

white sponge nevus

A white, spongy nevus that may occur in the mouth, labia, vagina, or rectum. Synonym: nevus spongiosus albus mucosae
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