neutrophil granule

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neu·tro·phil gran·ule

a granule stainable with the neutral component of stains, for example, the Romanowsky-type blood stains.
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neutrophil granule

Any of the cytoplasmic granules of a neutrophil that often stain a pale blue.
See also: granule
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Our scan of the literature revealed no studies investigating the conversion into chemerin of inactive prochemerin and substances released from activated neutrophil granules and the diagnostic significance of serum levels thereof in TT.
There are four main types of neutrophil granules. Azurophilic (primary) granules contain MPO, defensins, and proteinases.
Suggested mechanisms of action of PTU-induced, [ANCA.sup.+] vasculitis include conversion of PTU into cytotoxic products by the release of myeloperoxidase from neutrophil granules, (13) activation of B cells by immunogenic T cells in the presence of myeloperoxidase, (14) and interaction of PTU with myeloperoxidase that changes the heme structure of enzymes, which then act as hapten.
He then treated the cultured cells with human neutrophil peptide-1, one of the three defensins found in large concentrations in neutrophil granules.
Larsson et al., "Ficolin-1 is present in a highly mobilizable subset of human neutrophil granules and associates with the cell surface after stimulation with fMLP" Journal of Leukocyte Biology, vol.

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