neutron radiation

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neu·tron ra·di·a·tion

an emission of neutrons from the nucleus of an atom by decay or fission.
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However, the applied flux is about eight orders of magnitude greater than the flux at avionic altitudes, which corresponds to almost 10 years of exposure time of the device to neutron radiation at 35,000 feet.
The subject of thermoluminescent detector calibration in the neutron radiation field is difficult.
Jaunich et al., "(U)HMWPE as Neutron Radiation Shielding Materials: Impact of Gamma Radiation on Structure and Properties," in Effects of Radiation on Nuclear Materials, vol.
For example, the RIIDEye X identifies gamma and neutron radiation within solids, liquids and semi-solids and can be used on food or people.
In the second phase the neutron shielding behavior of dehydrated magnesium borates against neutron radiation were tested, where neutron radiation experiments were conducted with [sup.241]Am-Be source moderated in howitzer.
In the second step, she said, larger quantities of topaz will be treated with neutron radiations to change their colour to blue.
This work describes a series of measurements undertaken to try to identify the similarities and differences in behavior of solar cells, photodiodes, and phototransistors in situation when these have previously been damaged by neutron radiation and have had enough time to recover.
Government weapons expert Dr Nigel Holloway said: "You "flash" the asteroid on one side with an intense burst of neutron radiation and blow some of the surface off to achieve deflection."
The agency also cited inadequate preparations for detecting neutron radiation and protecting workers from it in the event of an accident.
A neutron bomb is a special type of hydrogen bomb that produces high levels of neutron radiation with a minimal blast, capable of destroying life but leaving buildings intact.
Neutron radiation from the reactor core can cause the steel in pressure vessels to lose its toughness over time.
In the neutron radiation environment, most GaAs and Si ICs can tolerate about [10.sup.15 N/cm.sup.2] before displacement damage alters the mobility, carrier concentration and lifetime of minority carriers in vital portions of transistor operation.